Sullivan in New York

It’s Christmas time, time of giving and sharing and LOVE! The French Bulldog Village wants to share this story with you:

The French Bulldog Village wants to share this story with you: A few days ago we got a call…there was a 4 month old puppy in severe distress. We were told he most likely had a Grade 2 heart murmur. We got the transport set up and he became a Villager! He came to us with no name, and the foster named him Sullivan (Sully) for the miracle on the Hudson!

Sully does have a heart murmur (he will be going to the cardiologist for exam) but he has so much more…a very severe cherry eye was obvious to the intake crew, and he was dehydrated, needing fluids. He carries with him Giardia and Coccidia, is coughing and sniffling with a stark upper respiratory infection and both ears infected. He may have luxating patellas in both rear legs. Both knees are dislocated and may require surgery. He will need to see a specialist for a proper diagnosis.

In addition, Sully has refused to eat so the foster family has been syringing fluids into his mouth and feeding the wettest of foods they can. He has been to the vet’s office daily since his intake, where he is a star!

Sullivan has high spirits and loves to play and hang with his foster family. He wants and needs love, and the foster family is thrilled to provide it to him! Sully has a long road ahead of him and many vet bills. We are reaching out to all Village Followers to help us with his bills!

Please donate… let’s give this boy the Christmas miracle he deserves!