Placement Services at French Bulldog Village

150px-PlacementSometimes in life there are unforeseen circumstances that occur,  leaving an owner in a situation where they are longer able keep or care for their French Bulldog.   A new home is needed for their beloved companion, but they are unsure where to turn to make sure that their dog  receives the love and care it deserves.   The Village is here to help.

Others Frenchies come to us from shelters or other rescue groups.  This can include dogs seized from puppy mills, large scale breeding operations, hoarding cases or other abusive or neglectful situations.

Some of the French Bulldogs that come to us are breeder placements.  Breeders turn to The Village with older dogs,  breeder retirees,  special needs dogs or older puppies that they need to find homes for.

If you are an owner seeking to place a French Bulldog; a shelter or rescue group seeking help for a dog;  if you know of a French Bulldog in distress or in a shelter or pound; or if you are aware of a large scale rescue effort involving French Bulldogs in need of placement and care,  please click here.

If you are a French Bulldog breeder seeking to place a special needs Frenchie or seeking a retirement home for a breeding or show French Bulldog, please click here