If you are a breeder, French Bulldog Village offers placement of your special needs French Bulldogs, as well as for your retiring French Bulldogs. We will forward all applications to you for review – and you can make your own placement decisions. French Bulldog Breeder placements are offered as a courtesy service of the French Bulldog Village – a donation of a portion of your placement fees is appreciated and allows us to help care for our foster French Bulldogs. To place your French Bulldog via French Bulldog Village, please complete the breeder placement form. This form is for BREEDER placements only.  If you are not a breeder and need to surrender a Frenchie, please use the Surrender Forms on this page: Surrender Forms.  We suggest that all breeder placements be done using a contract.  We have provided a sample contract which you are welcome to use.   Before acquiring a French Bulldog through a Breeder Placement, please read and pay careful attention to the French Bulldog  Village Disclaimer with regard to Breeder Placements:

This website provides a placement service to the French Bulldog breeder community at large for the posting of of older puppies, retirees, and other unique French Bulldogs looking for great homes. We also accept owner placements, where owners are seeking to rehome their dogs without the assistance of rescue groups, as well as placements by private rescuers and rescue groups. French Bulldog Village is NOT a party to these adoptions. French Bulldog Village disclaims any responsibility for these dogs, and we urge that both parties to any purchase or placement exercise caution and good sense! French Bulldog Village requires that all French Bulldogs placed through the French Bulldog Bus be in good health, or that all KNOWN health conditions be identified to the purchaser/adopter prior to placement. All French Bulldogs placed through the French Bulldog Village should be neutered or spayed PRIOR to placement or as a CONDITION of placement, cost of neuter/spay ordinarily to be paid by the purchaser/adopter. Where permitted, the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser/adopter. Any reported violations of this policy will result in the immediate removal of the listing in violation. French Bulldog Village urges that all French Bulldogs be placed subject to a WRITTEN contract signed by BOTH parties, for the satisfaction and safety of BOTH parties. If the lister does not have a contract, feel free to use our sample contract in order to draw up a contract of your own. FBBus notes that the laws do vary from state to state and makes no guarantee that the sample contract will be enforceable in your state. If you have doubts, consult an attorney in your state! All listings are at the discretion of French Bulldog Village, and may be removed at any time without notice.