Location: Coastal Georgia

Age: 6

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 22#

Kids: Good w/kids 10yr+

Cats: Yes

Dogs: No, except in very controlled situations

Donation : $500

Elvira was born in the country, grew up in New York City, and is now a beach bum!   She has enjoyed living in all these locations.  She’s just as content to lounge around on the couch as she is chilling on the front porch. She may be a Frenchie, but she is quite fit and likes to go on long walks (once you get her going).  She loves to play fetch EVERY DAY!  It could be in the house or outside on a long lead or in a fenced in area.  She knows that to get the ball thrown she’ll need to perform – by obeying one of her commands; she knows stay, sit, lay, shake (both hands) and roll over.  Elvira even knows most of them just by hand signals alone – what a quick learner she is! People have mistaken her for a pig, not only because of her color and petite size (22#), but for all the little grunting sounds she makes. You can tell just what she is saying by the tone of her grunts!  It’s possible she may also be part cat as she is certainly a Nosey Rosey.  She wants to know what you are doing at all times and what is coming into the house in all those bags we bring home! Elvira is a polite little girl.  No jumping on people or furniture.  If she’d like to be on the sofa with you, she’ll ask with a cute little stare and a grunt or two.  She’s never had people food, so there’s no begging here.  She is crate trained, house trained and loves to go on rides in the car. Her favorite things in the world are fetch, chewing on her toys and just relaxing on the the sofa with the humans. Elvira is a sweet dog who loves people but is lacking confidence and can be anxious in new situations.  Loud sounds can also be a cause of concern for her.  She needs a patient home where work will be done on building her confidence.  Because of her anxiety, she would do best as an only dog.  While she can be in the presence of other dogs in controlled situations (i.e. on walks around the neighborhood) she prefers not to interact with them and is uncomfortable in their presence.  She also has a history of resource guarding around other dogs. Elvira is a Courtesy Listing by FBV to help little Elvira find her forever home. Donation is $500.00    

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