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Bailey in Florida- ADOPTED!!!

Bailey’s heart condition is no longer severe per the veterinary cardiologist but is still intermediate, and the vet said it will never get any better. Most likely it will only get worse. Given her heart problems, the vet does not feel Bailey should be spayed. For these reasons, French Bulldog Village thought it best for…

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New Adoptions

A letter from FBV’s President updating the Village on the adoptions of Tank and Ozzie: Just an update on these boys… Those of you following these little men are well aware of their issues when we brought them into the Village. Ozzie had and still has severe regurgitation issues. Poor Tank had numerous problems and…

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Rest in Peace Bunny :(

It is with great sadness we notify all of our followers that FBV recently took in a beautiful pied girl named Bunny. We rescued her from a shelter where she was not able to walk. We took her directly to the neurologist who feared the worst. Today it was confirmed that Bunny has myelomalacia. This…

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