Petey has been working really hard to become the confident, playful fella that he is today. If you are thinking about adopting – this lovable guy deserves a second look. It has been a long road for Petey to get to where he is today. He was severely withdrawn when he first came to the Village – and if you look at his early pictures – you can see that he was in rough shape. Now plays with other dogs and a cat, meets people at the door with a greeting instead of hiding in the corner and loves to sit with you while you read or watch TV. He loves a sunny spot to sit and lay in in the mornings. He will sit on the front porch in his foster home, without a leash and will stay on the porch with his foster family, even when seeing other dogs, birds or people in the neighborhood. This guy is only about 4 years old now but has an old man’s attitude.

He is a doll. He has changed so much since he first came into his foster home. He will always have the physical scars from his past life. His bent ear, bare tail and spot on his back bear witness to the abuse.   He’s still afraid of sudden moves, sticks, brooms etc.  –  again, he carries those emotional scars from his past.  He was forced to withdraw.  When he first came into foster, he would pick a corner of the room and just watch.  He was even afraid to interact with the other pets.  With lots of patience, love, retraining …and time – he has developed  into a wonderful dog.  With the correct forever home we know he will do even better as time goes on. He may not look like most Frenchies, but rest assured everyone –  his temperament is all FRENCHIE!  He wants attention, NOW!   He would be perfect for someone that likes a warm companion in their recliner.  A friend to walk with while exploring the neighborhood, a friend to share a nap in the sun,  and a person to call his very own are the things on Petey’s wish list.   Are you the one to make his wishes come true?

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