On December 9, 2013 our Tinker in Pennsylvania was adopted by Bryan and Megan McGee.  Tinker’s name was changed to Beanie.  At the time, this four year old Brindle and white Frenchton, moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a wonderful couple.  Beanie also acquired a Boston Terrier sister named Dottie.


Bryan sent us the following update on Beanie:

About three months after she was adopted, Beanie needed to have surgery for a herniated disc.  The surgery was successful and overall she is doing really well.  Bryan and Megan are very happy with her recovery. Of course, there is no more jumping on furniture or climbing stairs. However, she learned the new rules quickly and has been great about continuing to follow them.

In June of this year, we received another update from Bryan:

Basically, everything has been super awesome. You’d almost never know that Beanie had any previous problem with her back.  Bryan and Megan are still very careful as far as no steps or jumping.

Beanie loves her walks and running around like a loon when they visit Megan’s parents who have a fenced yard. Beanie and Dottie are trying the double leash thing which is a learning experience, but they are getting much better with it.

Bryan and Megan had a little trouble with Beanie scratching her eye but were able to manage it with Optixcare eye drops. Other than that, she is doing so well.

Beanie is quite the love bug and little shadow!!!


Check out these new photos of Beanie and her sister, Dottie!