Today is Sunday, November 12, 2017 and we have one special alumnus to write about.  Toby was adopted from the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE in September 2014.
Toby is a happy, playful Frenchie from Omaha, Nebraska who is now living the ideal life in California.  His favorite thing to do is go on walks and play with his best friends, Baxter and Risa, a labradoodle and a lab mix.  He loves to run and chew on his stuffed animals.  Toby is so popular in his neighborhood that people stop to say “hi” to him.  Of course, like most Frenchies, he loves to cuddle and just wants to be with people.
Toby jumped off the bed and suffered a sprained spine which caused him temporary weakness in his back legs.  A couple of rounds of light therapy helped.  If you didn’t know he was injured, you would never know.  He does zoomies all around.
Toby’s mom, Stacey, can’t thank the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE enough for bringing Toby into her life.  “He is the best!”  She loves every minute she spends with him.