Location: Nebraska

Age: 2

Sex: Male/Neutered

Weight: 25lbs




Available As Of: 8/14/14
Fence Required:Yes

Adoption Fee: $500

Handsome, young Toby has made his way onto the available page!!!

Are you looking for a dog to snuggle on the couch with?? Do you like to take your dog with you when you go out? Toby is up for that, too! Basically, he will do what you want and go where you want. He just wants to be your buddy and hangout with his people.

Two things Toby does not like: bigger dogs, and some male dogs his size. He has been good with the other dogs in his home, but possible adopters with smaller dogs (preferably females) would be a better fit for him.

Toby is also not a fan of sharing his food with other dogs. This is not uncommon, and Toby should be fed separately from other dogs. He will share with his humans though!!!

Like most frenchies, Toby can have a stubborn side. He needs to have an owner who understands this and doesn’t give into his every whim, despite how cute his little face can be.

His foster mom reports, “He is also a klutz and makes me laugh when being klutzy. He LOVES toys!!! He is very silly and could play all day.”

If you feel you would be a good fit for Toby, then please send in an application. He will be waiting in Nebraska to snuggle with you. Toby is housebroken but will occasionally mark in the house. Possible adopters should look out for this and plan a way to help correct this behavior.

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