This is a story about Brie, one of our past alumna.

Brie was born in 2010.  Her original owner was starting a new career and would be traveling overseas.  There was no one to take care of Brie.  She would not get the attention she loved and deserved.  So, at the age of approximately 4 1/2 years, Brie was surrendered to the first rescue group. That was in June of 2014.  In September 2014, Brie was transferred to us at the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE.  She had the usual allergies and hives.

Brie’s Gotcha Day was September, 14, 2015.  She went to the loving home of Jeanine.  This is what Jeanine has to say, after having Brie for almost 1 1/2 years:

“Brie is doing amazing!  She loves to play with any dog she meets and loves to get dirty! She is a silly girl and likes to go for long walks and then snoozes on the sofa.”

Jeanine was kind enough to send us updated photos, too.  Thank you Jeanine for helping us bring another alum into the spotlight.