Bruno, “Mr.” Mars, is another alumnus of THE FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE.  Although, Bruno Mars was adopted just recently by his family, Jessica and Phil Carson have been kind enough to send us the following update, as per our agreement, to keep us informed.

This is what they had to say:

Mr. Mars came to their family just a little over two months ago.  He was adopted in December 2016.  It feels like he’s been with them forever.

Bruno is the star of his puppy training class.  He works hard for his treats and works diligently at perfecting his sit command.

Bruno, “Mr.” Mars, is the ultimate cuddle bug.  He just loves to snuggle on the couch with his humans and his Frenchie sister, Hoji.  Though, he and Hoji sometimes disagree (not unusual for siblings) he never holds a grudge.

Bruno does not enjoy the cold at all.  But being the gentleman that he is, he waits politely and patiently at the door to be let back in.

They are so happy to have Bruno, “Mr.” Mars, in their pack.