Yesterday Dottie had her vet visit. She had a cardiac ultrasound and a ECG. The ECG shows a diagnoses of Second Degree Heart Block which is where her heart rhythms are not exactly normal, but at this degree and at this time she isn’t having any cardiac symptoms, whatsoever. This irregularity was discovered right before Dottie was surrendered to the Village. The Vet was not concerned about this degree of heart block and no treatment is needed at this time. The Cardiac Ultrasound revealed a small radiolucent (dark) area on the aorta of her heart. Due to it’s small size, (it so small that it was almost missed!)  the vet is not sure yet whether it is something of concern.  The Dr. recommends that Dottie be rechecked in 8 weeks, to see if it changes in size. If the spot has grown larger, she will likely need surgery.  If it stays the same size, no treatment will be needed.

Dottie is very happy and any cardiac issues at this time are asymptomatic. Her only visible issues are her weak hind legs which doesn’t really slow her down and are not related to the above diagnoses. She has hemivertebrae and scoliosis. Her hind weakness does affect how bowel control.

Please consider making a donation to help pay for Dottie’s Ultrasounds and medical care.  The Ultrasounds are expensive – and she’ll need another one in two months! We are only able to help these Frenchies receive this type of wonderful care through donations from supporters of the Village.  Please use the “Sponsor Me” button below.

To read more about Dottie, check out her full profile here:  Dottie


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