We wish we could be bringing happier news to you today. Our brave girl Lacy, who you all so generously rallied around and donated to, has been diagnosed, after extensive testing, with advanced cancer of the stomach and will be going into hospice. While we are deeply saddened by this, we take solace in the fact that Lacy will live the rest of her days surrounded with love in the home of her amazing foster family. For now Lacy seems to be doing well; eating, sleeping and rolling around outside!

Our love goes out to Lacy’s wonderful foster mom. She has loved and nurtured Lacey since the day she was found. She was so happy when Lacey “before & after” pics came out and Lacey was moved to the “Available” page on the website. When we learned of this last set back, Patty’s first question was “can she please stay with me?” We are so thankful that we have caring, loving homes willing to help these dogs–no matter where the journey leads.


As always, we will try to keep our entire Village updated as often as possible.  Please keep Lacy and her foster mom in your thoughts.

lacy before after