We received this wonderful update from Hans’ (now Lenny, actually Leonard, after Kawhi Leonard) forever mommy:

“He is actually the best. Sometimes I think he is an actual angel that came down to Earth for me! I wish I could take credit for his sweetness and amazing temperament but all I can say is ‘wow’ to his foster mom. He is the happiest, sweetest guy. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him immediately.”

She reports that he only had a couple accidents (no marking) in the house after adoption. He loves to snuggle…literally will lie on top of her all day long if he could. When she is cooking or cleaning, he is on high alert waiting until it is time to snuggle. Watching TV and snuggling are their favorite things to do together.

She also reports, “He is such a good boy. He comes to work with me some days, and everyone at the office loves him. He’s gotten quite comfortable there now. When he stays home, I always have someone walk him midday but even if he’s home for 4-5 hours, he is so good…no damage, peeing…nothing. We also frequent the park near my house, and he has made some new friends! I really feel so blessed and happy that you guys chose me! Feels like it was really meant to be.”

It sure does sound like it was meant to be. The Village is absolutely thrilled for Lenny and his forever mommy! Such a great match!