We received an update on Oswald (Ozzi) from his forever family. His forever mom wrote us to let us know that poor Ozzi had a terrible inner ear infection that caused his head to tilt to the left. He also had nystagmus (a condition where the eyes move rapidly and uncontrollably), refused to eat and drink, and couldn’t walk without falling down.

After numerous vet visits (including a visit to a specialty vet and a stay at the animal hospital), a CT scan (which was to determine the root issue with his ears), a myringotomy (which was performed to relieve pressure and allow drainage of fluid from the ear, as well as to obtain a sample to culture for future antibiotic use), it was determined by the specialist that Ozzi has been battling inner ear infections (on both sides) for over a year. The infections were so bad that they caused scar tissue to form and the ear canal to narrow.

With IV fluids and medications, Ozzi began to look better and better in the hospital and was able to go home with his family. He is gaining more energy each day and his appetite continues to grow. He also still has some balance issues but the vet assured his family that with time, he will return to his old self. He remains on medications and ear drops for now and will return to the vet for follow up appointments to ensure that he stays on the right track with his ears.

As dogs always do…Ozzi didn’t seem to notice the bad things happening to him. However, his family was very scared for him and felt helpless on how to get him to feel better from all this. Ozzi has made such a great turn around from all this, though- he is one tough little dude and his family is amazing! They very much love this little man!

Oliver Jack (his Frenchie brother) has been cuddling with him since his return home, and other than the terrible ear infection, Ozzi has been as wonderful as can be. He loves to cuddle with his humans and with his Frenchie brother. One minute he is a goofy little clown making everyone laugh nonstop…the next he is pawing at his humans, wanting to cuddle. He is absolutely perfect!