UPDATE (10/12/2016):

Brooklyn was sent to her current foster home in Findlay, IL on March 5th 2016. She had hip issues and could not walk. She could only move around by dragging herself. Brooklyn was a little shy at first but soon warmed up to her human foster brothers. She was the only foster at the time of her arrival, but now shares a home with Wally, another of FBV’s foster dogs.

Soon after she arrived to her current foster home, it was apparent that Brooklyn could not hold her urine and bowels. Her foster family ordered her a diaper to wear but this only caught her urine and not her bowel movements. It was then that they decided it is best just to take her outside at least 6 times a day and before everyone goes to bed. In between the times she is taken outside to relieve herself, she uses potty pads.

To date, Brooklyn has had neck surgery, back surgery, and knee surgery. She is also on 4 medications that she will need to take for the remainder of her life.

Brooklyn initially had to be carried everywhere she went, but her foster family has performed physical therapy with her and has taken her for laser treatments every week. The French Bulldog Village has also purchased her a cart. She has been slow to learn, but with a lot of therapy and love, this special girl is going to be moved soon to “Our Available Dogs” page.

Brooklyn is settling into her new foster home in Illinois. She was recently transferred as her previous foster had some health issues come up that she did not want to impact Brooklyn. We thank her for providing a safe home for Brooklyn to recover from her back surgery and wish her well! We couldn’t do this without the wonderful foster families and we owe them greatly.

Brooklyn’s surgery went well but she’s got a ways to go to gain her mobility back. We are very hopeful but it’s possible that Brooklyn may end up not recovering to 100% of her former self. The good news that even though this was Brooklyn’s 2nd spinal surgery, she hasn’t let it impact her attitude and she is powering through all while maintaining her happy go lucky attitude! Brooklyn is now located in Illinois and she is settling in FABULOUSLY in her new surroundings. We attribute this quick adjustment because of the children in the house. Brooklyn absolutely ADORES children and is excellent with them as they are with her. Brooklyn would be able to be placed in a home with mature, understanding and patient children. In fact the children in her current set up are inspiring her to get up and get moving on a daily basis. This kind of attitude is important so she does not get discouraged at her current physical condition and she continued with her at home physical therapy.

Brooklyn is able to stand up on all fours and can also squat to eliminate. However her bladder is requiring a little manual intervention to make sure she passes all those fluids properly. Her foster Dad and her foster Mom both have medical backgrounds and have picked up on expressing her bladder without any trouble at all. It’s anticipated that as her muscles get stronger in her bladder that this will no longer be a necessary task in the future. Brooklyn is not incontinent and this is a big deal for a pup that’s been through 2 spinal surgeries. Again she is able to express urine on her own, just sometimes can’t get all the urine emptied on her own. She does not require diapers and keeps her bedding clean. Good girl Brooklyn!!!

Brooklyn prefers to be the only dog in the household. Some of this could be contributed to her current condition however we think she might just be a little bit of a diva! She tolerates other dogs as long as they don’t enter her space. She is very good at providing proper warning to the offending canine, but anyone who has dealt with this type of situation can understand that this isn’t the most stress free living. Therefore our preference is that Brooklyn be placed as a single dog. We will consider homes with older laid back pups with proven and solid behaviors. Slow intros would be a must in this case and it is a must that Brooklyn’s back is protected and considered at all times. Brooklyn has been exposed to kitties through the bay window at home and at the vet’s office and there is no way she should ever be trusted with kitties. She shows entirely too much interest in them.

As evidenced by all the glamour shots, you can see that Brooklyn is one of the prettiest black masked fawn females we’ve had in rescue. Her fur is some of the thickest and softest that we’ve ever had the pleasure to pet. And OH BOY does she loves those pets. Brooklyn is a big cuddle bug and wants nothing more than 110% of her foster families attention. Luckily her foster Dad is retired and is able to devote his entire day to caring for and cuddling this little fawn froggie. Brooklyn is estimated to be 6 years old and is up to date on all shots and medical needs. Her bloodworm came back with no issues and her teeth are in great shape for her age. If you just checked out her pearly whites, you’d think she was still a pup! Aside from her back injury Brooklyn is a very healthy little Frenchie. She is currently receiving laser and acupuncture along with at home physical therapy. She sees her dedicated Doc (who also owns a Frenchie and declares them her favorite breed!) once weekly. As you can imagine Brookie’s bills have added up, if you can spare a little change for this sweet little special needs soul, we’d forever be grateful.