Introducing…..Miss Valentina!!! She is 7 years young, spunky and quite the looker. She was surrendered by her former family due to V disliking their son. Her aggression towards the son progressed over 3 years and in that time, he was bitten 3-4 times. Her foster family is super excited to welcome Valentina into their home as this is their first foster. They are absolutely in love with her already! 

Per her previous family, Valentina suffers from allergies and is treated with serum shots and Apoquel. She also has a mass in her rib cage that does not affect her but will need to be monitored. V has severe adverse reactions to rabies and most other vaccines and has needed for a vet to sign a rabies vaccination waiver each year.

She’s doing very well in her foster home despite a double ear infection. She gets along great with the other fur residents in the house and loves her human sister. She is completely obsessed with her foster dad; she’s his shadow!! Her foster family has also been taking her on car rides which she really likes. ❤️

Please stay tuned for more updates on V’s progress in her foster home. Also, make sure to check out the photos of model…Valentina’s…fashion show!