We received a call from a rural Indiana shelter about a stray female French Bulldog. After her stray hold was up and she went unclaimed, discussions started and it wasn’t long before we brought this little girl into the Village. She was bestowed the name Lolita by her loving Foster Mom and her journey to finding the perfect forever began. Our first step with any of our dogs is a vet visit. This helps us determine a baseline for where our dogs are at health wise. As Lolita came to us as a stray, her vaccine history is unknown and she was battling a severe skin infection. Luckily she was already spayed. Getting her skin issues addressed was priority and we are happy to report that she’s feeling much better. Vaccines will be completed and her behavior evaluated further and it won’t be long before Lolita finds her way to the available page.

Her foster Mom reports that she is feeling so much better and settling in, she really seems much more at home. Lolita is a true French bulldog–frisky and sweet, selective hearing, mostly easy-going but does have her rowdy times and occasionally has a case of the zoomies. She does bite when fearful (not with pressure and not to hurt) and trembles as she is a tiny being in a big world–one must approach her thoughtfully and calmly when putting on a harness or sweater. She is learning to trust again and this will take some work. A home that has experience with fearful dogs, building confidence, earning trust would be a huge asset for Lolita.

Lolita is a squirrel chaser and during walks, she often seeks out unpleasant things to taste (despite her foster Mom’s best efforts). Because of her prey drive, we would not recommend her to homes with cats/hamsters/guinea pigs. We are also thinking she wouldn’t be a good fit for homes with small children as she can be quite rowdy. These rowdy times don’t last for more than a few minutes but they are over-the-top joyful times. When very rowdy, she will play bite–a bit assertively but all in fun judging from her posture and smile. Her foster Mom is working with her on this behavior.

Currently Lolita is separated from her foster Mom’s pack. We’ll know more about how she interacts with dogs when she is able to be introduced to the other dogs.  We do know that Lolita loves walks, car rides, sleeping with her foster humans and French fries. Baths don’t bother her a bit, which is good because she has to have them frequently for her skin issues. Even though she was silent at the shelter, she has found her voice: she barks and barks and barks during playtime (although is mostly quiet most of the other times of her day). As a typical Frenchie, she doesn’t mind well. She responds to her name (sort of), is housebroken and curious. Most of all she is adorable and fun to be with.