Please WELCOME PENNY BACK back to the Village.  Her mom developed a severe illness and as she could no longer care for Penny she lovingly returned her to the Village, knowing we could  find her another home where all her needs will be met.

Penny needs to be fully vetted, it appears that her ears may need some attention.  Six year old Penny also has to lose a few pounds to regain that gorgeous French Bulldog physique.

Penny had a marvelous time on the way to her new foster home.  She was able to stop at the pet store to pick up some toys on the way and enchanted everyone she met, canine and human.  She also attended a doggie carnival in Savannah, met a college student for some belly rubs, and even made a puppy friend.

Penny steals the heart of every one who meets her.  Someone will be very luck to be her forever home!