NAME: Wembley
AGE: 5 Years Old
DOGS: Dogs Ok
KIDS: Children 10+
SPECIAL NEEDS: Orthopedic Rehab (1 Year Full Recovery)


Handsome Fun Loving Mature Brindle Pied French Bulldog in search of compassionate loving home.

My Name is Wembley, I am a sweet little guy who will melt your heart, and yes I am that cute. As you can see I am not exactly humble, however I speak the truth. I have a zest for life that just can’t be put down. You see, I have already been through so much, but I am still so happy to be alive and loved.

I was found in a ditch after being hit by a car. I then spent nearly a week in an animal shelter with no medical care. This is how I came to the Village, my Village! I was diagnosed with, a shattered leg and multiple fractures of my pelvis. The Village didn’t turn me away, they didn’t give up on me and I didn’t give up either! After my diagnosis, an Orthopedic
surgeon took me under their wing and performed a lifesaving surgery to repair my pelvis and my leg. After several weeks of recuperation and rehab, I am proud to say “I’m Back Baby”!

That’s right I’m back, with the help of my loving foster mom, the wonderful vets and the Village. I am once again free to roam, walk, play and snuggle, I even do stairs once again. I have to admit, I am not 100% and I still need time to recover. The vets say that my bones will not be completely healed for 1 year; however with special attention and care, until then I can lead a happy normal life (just no ruff housing). I am expected to make a full recovery, however my forever home needs to understand what I have been through and the I will need veterinary re-checks and possibly additional care including  a possible additional surgery in the future if my other leg becomes too stressed from the additional work it has had to take over.  I also have to keep up with my exercise and my in-home rehab, which mostly includes keeping myself fit and limber. No one knows for sure what lies ahead, but I know I am looking forward to everything that comes my way. I have been given a second chance and I am not letting it go!

Now, a little more about me, I LOVE my chews! I especially love Elk antlers (doesn’t everyone?). I enjoy walks with my foster mom and Frenchie foster sibling and I LOVE people. I’m not exactly a Velcro dog, but close. I am house broken (like a true gentleman) and I am crate trained. Though, I’ll admit it, the crate in not my favorite place.  I enjoy long naps on
my dog bed. My foster mom has been good to me and has provided me with several to choose from all over the house. I use them all! I enjoy the company of other dogs as long as they aren’t too crazy (that ruff housing thing again), I don’t really care about the cats I have met, though they look awfully fuzzy (wonder if they’d like to snuggle). I like kids,
however once again that ruff housing thing comes up, so older kids are the best for me.  I like to eat! I am currently on a standard diet and have not shown a pension for food allergies, though my forever home should keep an eye on this. I also take a joint supplement to keep me on the road to recovery.


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