It’s been 3 months since Winston joined his forever family.  Per his family, “time seems to be flying by, while also going slow.  Winston is doing very well.  His diet is stable and his stomach seems to be getting much better.  A bad tummy is very rare nowadays.”

His forever family reports that “Winston recently tried a blueberry a few days in a row with no issues and a small piece of banana as well.  It’s interesting to watch him figure out new foods as he is so delicate with them.  Winston’s coat has really softened and is getting very shiny which is a good positive nutrition sign.”  He finally got to eat a treat his brother loves, “Mommy Jacks,” which is plain yogurt and mashed banana frozen in a small ice cube tray.  His momma said, “It was so funny watching him play with it in his mouth and then actually toss it a couple of times like a toy.”

Winston has been great at taking baths with his brother and is very good with regular ear cleanings. He also travels well and is a hit wherever he goes.  He’s still excitable with meeting people and other dogs but his forever family continues to work with him on this. He has been such a good boy and even passed a beginner’s training class last week.

Winston is doing great and his family couldn’t be happier that he joined their pack!!