It has been 4 weeks since Winston was adopted and he is doing very well in his forever home!

Here is what Winston’s new family had to say about his progress so far:

We had a quick vet visit a couple of weeks ago to get Winston on a wellness program and to get a subscription for his food. We also added treats (there is an HP version) which we will be using frozen in a Kong like bone. Winston loves running in the fenced yard, chasing ball and Elvis, and looking for sticks. He really loves to meet people but gets a little excited. He’s a hit wherever we go and with him and Elvis it’s like traveling with Rock Stars. Winston is awesome in the car, so reserved and inquisitive with such great looks. He got his first bath with us on Sunday and was perfect; we let him watch the week before when Elvis got his bath and he watched intently.

We go to the vet next week for a more thorough check in. His poops have been better with some good consecutive days with what we refer to as “clean pick-ups.” No diarrhea only some softies. Toys and bones are still an issue when together and we get some scuffles. They do nap together but unfortunately for bone time Winston and Elvis are in separate rooms. Winston is doing great and can be so adorable. He seems very happy and getting into good routines.

We are so happy for Winston and his new family!!! They are a match made in heaven!