Gnocchi has made it back to the foster page. The applications submitted for him, while good, were just not the right fit, so we decided to send Gnocchi through some training before placing him available again. We are hoping this will increase his chances of finding the perfect forever home.  

Gnocchi here….I came to FBV after being surrendered by my previous owners for behavioral issues. My previous family was very loving but was overwhelmed with my behavior problems especially having small children. I came into rescue with severe aggression to strangers and while at the vet.


I am a healthy boy and housebroken…except for an occasional poop accident overnight. I am leash trained but hate being crated!! My foster mom has been working on this with me, though. I am very smart and even know a few commands, such as sit, stay, and down. I would prefer someone home with me all day or at least someone who can provide me with a midday potty break. I have never been left alone for more than 4 hours so I may get into trouble if not exercised a good bit before leaving me.


I am full of energy and will require a lot of daily exercise in my new home. I need an active person or a playful dog in my forever home as well as a fenced yard to burn off some of my energy. Heck…some agility type training might be fun too! You see…I bore easily and get very restless. When this happens, I become mischievous and frustrated which leads to aggression. When I get enough exercise, I am actually a very sweet, well behaved boy.


I don’t get aggressive over food or toys in my foster home. However, I have been very aggressive (snapping, biting, lunging and jumping) when meeting strangers, particularly at the vet. I am currently on Prozac to help calm me. I may or may not need this for the rest of my life….time will tell. I will need a strong leader in my forever home, though, who will be firm but patient.


I love to chew…Himalayan chews are my favorite, but I also like Gumabones, Benebones and beef marrow bones. I really like stuffed toys too and will often fall asleep with one in my mouth. I will sometimes fetch a ball but would much rather chew on a bone.


Here are some important questions we asked our boy, Gnocchi:


  1. What do you need in your new home? “Daily exercise…and a strong leader (firm but patient); a fenced yard; toys, chews, and treats; a short walk will suffice on a rainy day, but I need to run around for a good hour 4-5x week; a playful dog companion would be great…I love dog parks!”
  2. What are some great things about you? “I am very sweet, well behaved, cuddly when exercised enough, very smart, handsome, very playful (I am still very much a puppy) and eager to learn.”
  3. What does your new home need to consider? “I have stranger aggression…especially at the vet!! I become very anxious and will bite…it is the same with visitors to the house. Any dog sitter will need to be slowly introduced. I need a strong leader who will continue to work with me on this issue. It may take a little time for me to become acquainted with my new owner as well.”
  4. What do you not like? “Strangers, the vet office and cats…I will chase cats as I do have prey drive. I also do not like to be left alone too long.”
  5. What are things you like? “Stuffies, Himalayan chews, treats and attention!!”