Handsome in Maryland– ADOPTED!!

Handsome has been adopted! Here he is pictured with his forever momma. He will now be called Lenny (which is so cute!) and will be living in Canada. Please join us in congratulating Lenny and his mom and wishing them the best in their new life together!


Handsome, aka Hans, was surrendered by his breeder. He is a small boy weighing in at only 18 lbs. He is healthy and has no temperament issues…not even with toys and food.

Hans is a funny, cuddly little guy with a big head! He absolutely loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere. He also adores his foster brother and sister and wrestles with his foster brother all the time. He has shown no interest in playing with stuffed toys, but he loves chewing on bones and chew toys to keep occupied.

Hans is only partially housebroken. Even since being neutered, he often marks in his foster home. He is doing better, though, with house training and will go outside on walks. However, if he isn’t walked every few hours, he will have accidents in the house. Hans is leash trained and crate trained but would prefer not to be crated.

The ideal home for Hans is one that will have playmates (either animal or human) who will frequently interact with him since he has little interest in stuffed toys. While he does not require a stay-at-home person or a mid-day potty break, it is preferred for him to have someone take him out to potty every few hours to reinforce his house training. Hans also wouldn’t mind a forever home with a fenced yard.

Hans loves everyone he meets. He loves greeting everyone he sees on walks and just basks in their cooing over him. He is an amazing little man who has so much love to give. He gets along with everyone and even leaves the resident cats alone. He would love to find that special family who dotes on him and lets him cuddle on the bed with them at night.

If you feel this sweet boy could be the one for you, please submit an application to adopt.