Hank in North Carolina— ADOPTED!!

Hank has been adopted by an amazing couple! He not only has a great new mommy and daddy, but he also has a new puggie sibling. His forever family is thrilled that they were chosen to welcome this sweet boy into their home and hearts. We know they are going to be so happy together!


Hank is a 1.5-year-old, neutered male who was surrendered by a family who acquired him from a coworker who could no longer care for him. The surrendering family reported that he was very reactive to other dogs through their fenced yard and that he was incontinent. While he came into rescue reactive, he is not anymore. There are 3 resident dogs in his foster home...he avoids the female who can be snippy at times but loves to play with the male Frenchie. His foster family has found that he is quite insecure.

Hank drinks a whole bowl of water if you allow him and then will regurgitate it. The vet has checked him and reports that he is fine...just needs his water intake limited. Hank does have a hitch in his step, like a stiffness of his hind end. X-rays show it’s not causing issues currently, but he will be punchy when he gets older. He had difficulty standing when he first came into rescue, but now he’s running around and is much stronger.

He will require slow introductions with other dogs and a home with NO cats!! He chases the resident cat but loves the house pig! He prefers laid back dogs on initial meetings. He has not demonstrated any resource guarding in foster care. His female Frenchie, foster sibling at times will play and get too aggressive for Hank. He will do all that he can to get away but will finally stand up for himself. There has been no blood drawn...just mostly noise. He would do best in a home with children ages 10 and older because he does love to play a lot. When your done playing, he may not be.

Hank is still just a pup and is only partially housebroken....he gives subtle cues that he has to go out and if you miss them, he will poop in the house. He has not had an accident in his crate, and if you let him out frequently, he won’t have accidents in the house. He is crate trained, leash trained and knows the commands “sit” and “come.” A fenced yard is preferred but not required. He would do fine with short walks on leash. He likes to do his business and come right back inside. He also does not need someone who is home all day or a midday potty break.

The ideal home for Hank would be one with an active family who likes to take their dogs with them and enjoys snuggling. His favorite things to do are ride in the car and really anything that includes his human! He also enjoys playing chase and hide and seek.

Hank makes his foster family laugh every day. He is active but also loves to snuggle on the couch. He is just so sweet!

He needs stability in his forever home. It’s amazing how far he’s come in just a short time with routine. He’s loving and has not met anyone who has come over to the foster house he didn’t like. This boy is an absolute heartbreaker!