Louie in California- ADOPTED!!

Louie has found his forever with a nice, big family! He has a wonderful new mom and dad, an auntie, and a grandpa to love him. He also has numerous doggie siblings. He is in a home full of love and happiness. We couldn’t be more thrilled that he has found such a great family who will provide him all the best for the rest of his life! Way to go, Louie...you are HOME!!

Louie is a 4.5-year-old, 26 lb boy resting his head in SoCal with his amazing foster family. He was surrendered to the rescue with a severe case of separation anxiety and extreme paw chewing (to the point of open sores and infection) from this anxiety. Louie’s previous family lived a very active lifestyle outside of the home; this just wasn’t a good fit for him and made his anxiety become increasingly worse. Louie lived with children in his previous home but has not met any while in foster care.


We joke about a lot of dogs being “Velcro dogs;” well, if they’re Velcro dogs, then Louie is a gorilla glue dog. Louie’s life’s joy is to be with his people. In his foster home, Louie is never left alone. His ideal family would be one of a lot of people, where if someone leaves, someone else is home. It’s sad to say, but Louie really loses his mind when left alone or confined. In his prior home, they consulted with trainers and even sent Louie away to a sleep away camp for dogs with anxiety. None of the training helped. Sometimes with rescue dogs, you just have to meet them where they are. We believe Louie is one of those dogs. Unfortunately, with all that he has been through, this anxiety may never improve, and he will require extra effort to keep him safe and happy for the remainder of his life.


Sweet Louie is the perfect mix of snuggle and play. He loves his fur foster siblings and gets along with every dog and person he’s met! He spends his days wrestling and playing chase with his friends, napping to recharge, then does it all over again! He loves to grab a toy, show it to his friends and run away hoping they’ll give chase. It’s the cutest thing to watch! He does really well as a member of the pack and would do best in a home with other dogs. He does show reactivity to birds and other animals that find their way to the backyard; because of this, we would not recommend having small animals in his forever home.


Louie HAS to be fed completely separately from other dogs. He has shown food aggression when another dog is eating around him. It has been a simple fix in his foster home to just move him to a completely separate room at mealtimes. His foster family has been working with him on eating treats in groups. Louie has learned that everyone gets a treat and there is no need to fight for them. Loue is also leash trained and knows basic commands.