Petunia in Florida— ADOPTED!!

Petunia has been adopted by a wonderful family! She now has two college-age human sisters and 1 kitty sibling named Figgy. They are super excited to welcome this precious girl into their home and will provide her with all the health care and love she needs. We are so excited for this new family to be able to spend the holidays together!


Petunia is a 2.5-year-old retired breeder who already has had 3 litters in her short life....but no more. This sweet gal is now spayed and will be living life as a pet in a loving home. Before FBV, she only knew life in a metal crate with no place to move. She was forced to use the bathroom where she stood, and her feet are splayed from standing on wire. She suffered from severe allergies and eye issues that were left untreated.

Due to her eyes not receiving care, she cannot produce tears and will require daily prescription drops in both eyes for the rest of her life. She also has a hazy film over her eyes, so while she can see, her vision is fuzzy (she is not hindered by her impaired vision, though). She will require Apoquel daily (which will require at least yearly bloodwork to check liver and kidney values) and prescription Purina Pro Plan HA Vegetarian Formula food for her severe allergies. Her food and medication must not be changed in her forever took a lot of work to find a regimen that works for managing her allergies.

Petunia is housebroken, crate-trained and leash trained. She knows the command to “sit.” She does not require someone who is home all day or who can provide her with a midday potty break but would prefer it. In her foster home, she rarely has been left alone for more than 5 hours and on the few occasions she has, she did have an accident in her pen. Petunia has a special dog pen that does not have a top on it. Her pen is left open, and she feels extremely secure with it so much so that she goes in and sleeps in her bed with the gate open. The only time it is closed is at night-time and when her foster family leaves the house; she is very comfortable with this. Her having come from being crated 24/7, her foster mom never wants her to again feel the type of confinement that she felt in her previous home.

She is housetrained now and has even learned to use a doggie door to go on her own. She would prefer an adoptive home with a fenced yard, but it is not required. Petunia is very calm and laid back. She is good at feeding time with the resident dogs; she is respectful of the other dogs and doesn’t go near their bowls. She does like to play with toys, mostly chewing or playing by herself, but will play with other animals at times. She loves tennis balls and rubbery toys....and to be loved on...she is happiest snoring away right by her humans. The only time Petunia gets bold or pushy with other dogs is when a pup is getting more attention than her. She will definitely want in on the attention and will come in right next to the other dog, so she gets loving too.

Petunia is cautious when first meeting people, more so with men than with women. She will go up to men but is scared. Petunia loves the female human in her foster home the most. She is comfortable around other small dogs and around cats. It is unknown how she would interact with younger children (0-10) and large dogs as she has not been exposed to them in her foster home.

She is very mellow. Her favorite thing is to be cuddled and pet...she has soft luxurious fur and loves having it rubbed! She does such an adorable thing...she army crawls until she is right up on her foster mom when she’s sitting on the couch. It is like she is sneaking in and when she gets where she wants to be, she showers her with kisses.

Petunia is a sweet, young lilac brindle and with her coloring and markings in pictures, she looks like an old soul. She is delicate and has had a bad start to life. She deserves a quiet, loving life. She will give to a person as much love as is given to her.

If you feel you have the love to give this precious gal, please apply!