Ralph in North Carolina— ADOPTED!!

Ralph’s hospice foster family has decided to officially make this handsome boy their own. Ralph is so excited about his adoption. He is with a family who loves him unconditionally and takes wonderful care of him. He knows he is where he is supposed to be. Congratulations to Ralph on officially joining his forever family!


Ralph is a senior boy who is as sweet as can be! He hasn't had the best life. His early years are unknown, but we do have information that Ralph lived in a barn for much of his life. He had allergies and chronic ear infections that were left untreated. A Good Samaritan found Ralph listed on Craigslist and brought him into their family. When their family expanded and a young baby came into the home, Ralph became too much to handle in addition to a newborn, so into the Village he came!

Ralph has chronic ear issues. He requires weekly cleaning/flushing of his ears to keep waxy build up from returning. Due to a life time of untreated ear infections, Ralph is mostly deaf. However, he does respond to basic hand signals. Ralph also has worsening cataracts and may eventually lose his sight. Due to his age, he is not a candidate for surgery. Ralph has allergies and requires grain free food, foot soaks and frequent wrinkle cleanings! Occasionally, he takes a round of Apoquel to help relieve his allergies.

With the loss of his major senses, Ralph looks to his humans for guidance and assurance. Ralph needs to feel confident. He is a wonderful boy with a great personality and disposition. Ralph is the most cuddly, snuggly and kissable dog anyone could ever meet. He just wants to be able to spend every waking moment with his people. Be prepared to share your bed, and likely your pillow, with Ralph. He won't have it any other way!

Ralph is an old man, living life as he should at his age. His favorite activities are sharing the bed and snuggling on the couch with his person, following his person around the house, and stretching out on the carpet and rubbing his belly and rolling around. Ralph is also quite fond of eating (he absolutely loves a good meal) and sleeping (and SNORING) loudly!

Ralph will not do well as an only dog. He needs the company of doggie siblings if he is left alone. When left crated, or in a car alone or anywhere alone, he tends to get upset. He has minor separation anxiety and tends to get in trouble when left to his own devices. Ralph must be kept separate from recycling, trash or any type of accessible food.

Ralph hates crates! However, he does well being left out in the house when his foster parents aren’t home. Someone who works from home or could take Ralph to work would be ideal. Currently, Ralph spends a few hours each day with his foster siblings while his foster parents are at work. He gets a mid-day potty break, but does not spend more than 4 hours alone (being an older guy, he needs to be let outside to do his business every few hours). If his new parents do work away from home, Ralph will require a parent to come home mid-day or a professional to be hired to provide him with a mid-day potty break.

Ralph tends to be reactive in uncertain situations such as at the vet or at a pet store. Without his hearing and with limited vision, new situations can be hard for him. He will bark and huff at other dogs, but generally he gets along with most dogs.

Ralph is not leash trained but knows the command “come.” Although a fenced yard is preferred, it is not required. However, at his foster home, Ralph really enjoys exploring the yard with his humans. Ralph is also fully housebroken.

Ralph spent the majority of his life without interaction. Now that Ralph has experienced love and affection, he craves it. He cannot stand to be on the couch and not touch his person. He can't stand to be in bed and not cuddle up as close as possible. Ralph needs and deserves love. Someone who doesn't mind being followed every step, who doesn't mind sharing the bed and a pillow with a dog who snores louder than any human, someone who has time and love to give would be Ralph's ideal person. Ralph still plays with toys and rolls around like a puppy, but for the most part deserves to spend his golden years napping and enjoying life in the company of his people. If Ralph sounds like your type of guy, please apply to adopt this special boy!