Alumnus August Update

August is now 3 years old and is such a sweet boy when not with his Frenchie brother. In the last year, they have started to get into fights. Their forever family has been taking them to see a vet behaviorist and numerous behavior consultants. It is a work in progress, but they are determined to help the boys coexist again.


August loves humans and his Frenchie sisters, but really loves his mom the most. He and his mom went on a trip to Pennsylvania, and everyone tried to spend time with Auggie, but he wanted nothing to do with them….all he wanted was his mama!


Auggie recently has been going on short hikes with a dog hiking company to keep him busy. Of course, all the hikers immediately fell in love with him. Seriously…who could resist his cute, little face and charm! He has also been going to training classes with his mom and is doing great with his commands. He knows down, come, sit, stay, touch, watch, and more.


August really is the best boy and such a great travel buddy for his mom. She loves that he is a little guy so she can take him lots of places with her. His forever family reports that he is an amazing companion and snuggle bug!


August, FBV is thrilled that you have found such a loving forever home! We hope to hear more updates soon.