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First, we want to give a heartfelt thanks to ALL our volunteer coordinators whose role is to vet all new volunteers and conduct interviews, organize home visits and call vets offices for references to ensure FBV have the most dedicated volunteers on the planet. In particular this month we are celebrating with three volunteer coordinators, Susan, Nicole, and Maegan.

Congratulations ladies!!!

Susan is a valued volunteer and adoptive Frenchie mom here at FBV and we couldn’t be happier to announce that she is also one of our Volunteers of the Month for September!

A former alumni, Susan adopted Phoebe from FBV and gave her a beautiful life until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge just this past July. She is happily retired and is currently helping us update the Rescue Group data base so that we can help as many French Bulldogs as possible. She also hopes to adopt again soon!

Susan is not a stranger to the rescue life. She started her journey with two rescue Shar Peis, and after 15 years she decided to look for a smaller breed. She is “drawn to dogs that have been overbred and abused” and hopes to “help give them the best life that they deserve.”

When she isn’t being an amazing volunteer, Susan also enjoys yoga, cooking, her butterfly garden, and reading a good book.

Congratulations Susan!

Nicole is one of FBV’s incredible Volunteer Coordinators and two-time adoptive mommy to Rocky, who she adopted in 2009, and Richie, adopted in 2015. She also has Miss Bianca, her 8-years-young Frenchie mix who she adopted in 2014 through Teacher’s Pet Rescue.

Nicole is a hardworking wife and mom of six-year-old twin boys and two furkids, also serving as Associate Publisher and Advertising Director for Baltimore Fishbowl, a local news website.

She became interested in the breed while working in downtown Baltimore, but she didn’t want to buy a dog from a breeder. She found French Bulldog Village through an online search for rescues, fell in love with a 3.5 year old Frenchton named Rocky, applied to be his mom, picked him up in Indiana in 2009 and the rest is history…

Nicole loves music, yoga, writing, and helping Frenchies and Frenchie mixes in need.

Congratulations Nicole for being chosen as one of our September Volunteers of the Month!

Maegan is a devoted foster mom and Volunteer Coordinator with FBV, and we are thrilled to add Volunteer of the Month to that list!

Maegan is an avid animal lover and fur-mom to Luna, an American bulldog mix, Finnegan the Frenchie, and her cat, Callie. She works full time as the manager of a pet sitting company, and part time as a payroll clerk. When she isn’t working or volunteering, she enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking and spending time with her niece and goddaughter.

After adopting Finnegan and falling in love with French bulldogs, Maegan decided that she “wanted to give back to the over-bred breed without owning them all” and so she became one of our dedicated fosters and we are so grateful for her!

Thank you for all that you do!

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