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We are honored to recognize Melynda as Volunteer of the Month!! Melynda has been fostering for FBV for about two years and is always willing to take on a new foster dog in her area. She has been passionate about animals since she was a child. At 15, she got her first job at a pet store. Since then, she also worked for animal hospitals, learned grooming, and even owned her own grooming shop. This was all while working her way through nursing school.

Melynda is now retired and devotes all her attention to her pets. She says, “Our family zoo is jampacked with creatures great and small. We have everything from spiders, snakes, chickens, ducks, large and small tortoises, rats, frogs, cats, dogs, large and small lizards like tegus, chameleons, bearded dragons, geckos, and salamanders. All got a new life here as rescues. Frenchies have always been a family favorite breed of ours but right now, we have two Pugs, two Dobermans, a Frenchie/Pit mix, and a Terrier mix in our household all of which have their own unique personalities and always make our fosters feel welcome.”

Melynda says, “I’ll never be able to make huge changes to the world, but I can try to improve my little corner of it.” “None of it would be possible without my wonderful kids and my very patient husband,” she adds. Melynda reports that she has never enjoyed any rescue organization more than FBV and that our volunteers are amazing.

She is right when she says our volunteers are amazing! We are not sure what we would do without Melynda. She is a wonderful, loving foster mom who does such an awesome job with the foster dogs she takes in and cares for. Thank you, Melynda, for all you do for FBV and your foster pups!

It's time to Get Fit For Frenchies!!!!

French Bulldog Village and French Bulldog Rescue Network are teaming up for our first ever, month-long virtual race! We will be splitting all proceeds equally between FBV and FBRN to continue our work of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming our favorite breed.

The "race" is a Frenchie shaped course and you get "steps" for different activities! You can choose your activity (walking your dog, yard work, bike rides, etc) and they convert into steps to help your team complete the race! You can join an already existing team or make your own. Recruit your friends!

The race will run from January 14th - February 11th.

Registration begins now!

Visit our link to learn more and register: https://www.charityfootprints.com/GetFitForFrenchies/


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The French Bulldog Village Rescue is a group comprised of people from all over the United States whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes. As part of our mission, we work to advance awareness and knowledge of the responsible acquisition and ownership of the French Bulldog breed. We also serve as a resource to other rescue groups and private rescuers who are working to save French Bulldogs. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.


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The mission of the French Bulldog Village is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes.