Meet the foster dogs of The Village!

On this page you will find the dogs who are in foster homes in The Village. These dogs are not yet ready for adoption. During their time in foster care, we evaluate their personalities and temperaments. We also take care of any health concerns that they may have and make sure that they are current on vaccines and spayed or neutered. If you wish to receive a notification of when our foster dogs go available for adoption, please sign up for our mailing list at the top of the front page of our website. Adoption fees are set at the time a dog goes available and applications can only be submitted at that time.


Daisy in Virginia

November 10, 2021


October 25, 2021

Max in Colorado

September 25, 2021

Cali in Maryland

September 15, 2021

Tinkerbell in Florida

September 11, 2021

Roxanne in Florida

August 22, 2021

Lulu in Georgia

July 19, 2021

Petunia in Virginia

June 13, 2021

Frida in Hawaii

April 20, 2021

Phoenix in Florida

October 10, 2020