Tributes to Those Gone but not Forgotten



Honoring those beloved companions and friends who trod through this world too swiftly and who are waiting patiently for us at Heaven’s Gate.

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❤❤❤David Mitchell
In Memory of his beloved wife, Cynthia (Cindy) Louise Miller
Cindy was active in the show rings, but her loving heart got her involved in rescue too. She was a regional representative & foster volunteer for FBRN. She also was the owner and head seamstress of Canine of the first vendors to sell Frenchie specific coats and dresses.

❤❤❤Carol and Sue
In memory of FallonBoyd- BIS BISS CH Justjackpot Margaux of LeJardin, CGC,CD, BN,RN,THD- loved and owned by Sally Montgomery and Richard Calkins. Prayers for comfort and peace.
Love, Carol & Sue

❤❤❤Deena Minner
In memory of Tracy left this world to soon. Thank you for bringing my heart dog into my life.

❤❤❤Denise Belair
Ashland, MA
In memory of Peanut

❤❤❤ JoLynn Thorson
Omaha, NE
In memory of beloved Jack who started it all

❤❤❤Kimberly K Kesecker
Frederick, MD
In memory of my beloved MaggiePie

❤❤❤David Neidig
Canfield, OH
In loving memory of Chuckie, beloved companion of Dr. Paul and Sande Abernathy.

❤❤❤ Marilyn Homer
Tryon, NC
In memory of my beloved heart dog, Bugsy who died 3/30/2014. I miss you my Baby Boy.

❤❤❤The Smith family
In memory of Roxie

❤❤❤Lisa Cashman
Bronx, New York
In loving memory of our sweet Ozzie

❤❤❤Jill Orlov
Baltimore, Maryland
In Memory of Dimples

❤❤❤David Neidig
Mount Vernon, Illinois
In loving memory of Tony- MBIS BISS AM CAN CH Fabelhaft Too Hot To Handle – loved by The Neidigs
Chloe – GCH CH Fabelhaft Parfum Prefere CGC ROM-P – loved by The Grant Family
Gus – loved by The Abernathy Family

❤❤❤Cynthia Vreeland
Cambridge, Massachusetts
In honor of Biscuit, Dusty, Boomer, and Holly and her puppies.
I can’t even imagine; my heart goes out to the family.
With love, Cindy

❤❤❤Dean Bull
Traverse City, Michigan
In memory of Barb Brown

❤❤❤Laura Durham
Kentwood, Michigan
In memory of Barb Brown

❤❤❤Nancy Shaw
Fredericksburg, Texas
In memory of Barb Brown

❤❤❤Marcia and Mark Hamersma
Grand Rapids, Michigan
In memory of Barb Brown, who started us down the road to Frenchie-land.

❤❤❤Glenda Hertzman
Cincinnati, Ohio
In memory of Barb Brown

❤❤❤Susan Riley
Brewster, New York
In memory of our beloved Josephine, may she rest in peace

❤❤❤Jennifer Leto
South Orange, New Jersey
In Memory of Blue, my Frenchie of 12 years, and nephew of Hammer

❤❤❤Lisa Ricciotti
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
In memory of Charlotte Creeley’s mother, Ann Kucera

❤❤❤Elizabeth Niemann
Germantown, Maryland
In memory of FBVillage K-Kid, Fluffy

❤❤❤Kristin Moon
Camarillo, California
In memory of our dear friend, Miss Genevieve D’August! Run free and play! Love, The Moon Pieds

❤❤❤Cathy Schmidt
Laguna Niguel, California
In memory of my beloved Adam. He brought much joy. I love you and miss you my special boy. Godspeed Mama (Cathy)

❤❤❤Karen Anderson
Bondsville, Massachusetts
In memory of my first French Bulldog Xena who crossed over the bridge last Friday morning, August 14, 2009. She was 11 years old and is missed so much.

❤❤❤Da Hinton
Montclair, New Jersey
In honor of Faye who recently passed on to the bridge. Faye was greatly loved by her mom, Roberta Nelson.

❤❤❤Joanna Emmett
Arcadia, California
In memory of Jethro, a boxer who was Corday Oiseau’s best friend. Jethro will be missed by Oiseau’s family and the Emmett family.

❤❤❤Lisa Ricciotti
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
In memory of Thomas Anwyll, beloved husband of Brenda Anwyll

❤❤❤Kimberly Rice
Richmond, Virginia
In honor of Tom Valente’s beloved Boston Terrier, Betsy

❤❤❤Kristin Moon
Camarillo, California
In honor of our friend Buster’s Uncle Cash… love, Midge, Barbie and Skipper

❤❤❤Barbara Jamieson
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
In memory of Lisa’s dear Alley OOOPS

❤❤❤Lisa Ricciotti
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
For Alley OOOPS, my favorite mistake.  Miss you more than words can say, my little Clown Czarina… Lisa

❤❤❤LeeAnn Johnson
Poland, Ohio
A kiss for Beth’s beloved Kirby… love, the Johnsons

❤❤❤Beth Thornton
Vienna, West Virginia
For our darling “Cartoon Boy” Kirby… sadly missed by his mom, dad, Peach, Lacey, MeMe, and Wynn

❤❤❤Susan Rosenau
Washington, DC
For Lucie and Notrump, you live forever in our hearts… Susan and Ken Rosenau

❤❤❤Marcia Hamersma
Grand Rapids, Michigan
For Byllie, gone four years, but still in our hearts… Marcia and Cedric

❤❤❤Rebecca Wallace
Austin, Texas
In loving memory of Beth’s Kirby, little Levi, our mutt Chiquita, and all the other doggy angels watching over us… from Rebecca, Buster, and Sophie

❤❤❤Cindy Caldwell
Nicholasville, Kentucky
In memory of Beth’s Kirby from Cindy and Lola

❤❤❤Michelle Tippets
Batavia, Illinois
In memory of Kirby Thornton

❤❤❤Becky L Wirta
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
In loving memory of Beth’s Kirby and my sweetest Sunshine – may you both run in green fields and daisies forever…. missing you terribly, Becky

❤❤❤Glenda Hertzman
Cincinnati, Ohio
In memory of dear Kirby

❤❤❤Vicki Bouchillon
Lancaster, California
In memory of Beth’s Kirby

❤❤❤Kathy Clayton
Southwest City, Missouri
In memory of Kirby Thornton

In memory of Karen Krings
When Karen passed away, she left funds that endowed French Bulldog Village to get started. Although she did not live to see the Village blossom and grow, we believe Karen knows we are doing the work she had loved and believed in so greatly. Karen was truly part of the foundation of FBV.