Annabella in New Jersey— ADOPTED!!

Annabella has been adopted by an amazing couple. They have no other pets so Annabella will get all their attention. She is already spoiled and very well loved by her new family. We are so excited that this sweet girl has found her perfect fur-ever home!

Annabella is a beautiful, brindle 3-year-old Frenchie who is looking for her forever home! Annabella originally was in a home that intended to use her as a breeding dog. However, her original family decided she didn't have a maternal instinct and gave her up after 6 months. Her next family had Annabella for two years. According to her second owners, she started to growl and become aggressive with everyone in the home, including the family's older dog, out of nowhere. They said that she also failed puppy class. They ended up giving Annabella up out of fear that she would hurt their child.

Annabella needs to take Apoquel for skin allergies and Prozac for anxiety/depression daily for the remainder of her life. She is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. She is also leash trained. She knows the following 3 commands, “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” A fenced yard is preferred but not required. Annabella will require someone to be home all day with her or someone who can provide her with a midday potty break.

She is housebroken, but it will take her time to be comfortable asking to go to the bathroom in a new home. She just sits or stares at the door when she has to go. She will have accidents, especially if she is left in or out of her crate in the house alone. She shouldn't be left out of the crate until she's comfortable in the space and all stairs have been blocked off in the home. Although she may seem reluctant, she will try to climb stairs if she thinks her humans are up there. She'll do anything to get to her humans so blocking off stairs is a must.

She has a submissive temperament around humans with whom she's comfortable and a fearful temperament around new humans. She'll cower, freeze, urinate, and hyperventilate when new humans try to physically interact with her without her owners present. She has a very dominant personality and aggressive temperament around other dogs. She is bossy and aggressive with other dogs. It can be dangerous, so extreme caution needs to be taken when introducing her to new dogs. Once Annabella’s comfortable, she will do everything to protect her yard and home from strangers. She will bark and run towards anyone that enters the property. She hasn't bitten or hurt anyone, but she'll do her best to scare them. Her foster parents have found success spraying her lightly with a water bottle to communicate that she doesn't need to bark or run toward people entering their property.

Annabella is a moody pup. Some days she's happy and playful and other days she's sad and doesn't want to be touched. She is very dependent and suffers from separation anxiety. Once she's comfortable with you, she will need to be near you at all times. She does great at restaurants or out in town (unless she sees another dog) and is very calm, quiet, and well behaved. She's so quiet, you'll forget she's there!

Annabella loves to be outside. She enjoys chasing birds, squirrels, cats, and anything else that comes into her foster parent's yard. Annabella loves chasing her foster dad around the yard and chasing soft footballs. A cooling jacket combined with a few tosses in a baby pool is a must because she gets overheated easily. She also enjoys interactive treat puzzle toys. She loves tearing things apart and gets a kick out of stuffing flying everywhere. She'd benefit from any safe tear apart toy. It took her months to feel comfortable enough to play with her foster parents so don't get discouraged if she doesn't feel up to playing right away.

When she's done with playtime, she is a couch potato and can binge watch shows with you for hours. She's also a bit of a diva and whines/huffs if she thinks she's going to get a treat and doesn't. Nothing makes her foster parents laugh more than when Annabella rests her little chin on the couch and looks up at them with curiosity or when she attacks her foster dad with kisses all around his ears and neck. It's these moments when her personality comes out that make her foster parents the happiest.

The ideal home for Annabella is one with lots of people and no other dogs. She wants to be the center of attention and needs at least one person with her at all times. Annabella requires companionship. She is a very dependent dog and will defecate, urinate, or cry if she's left alone. Sometimes she likes her space, but she still wants to be in the same room or on the same couch as her humans. Her future home needs to be very patient, kind, and understand that multiple homes have given her up so it will take her time to trust and love again. She will be depressed for the first few weeks and will sleep a lot. The right home needs to give her time to come out of her shell.

Annabella is a sweet dog that has been shuffled from family to family for too long. Her next home needs to be her last. She deserves a family who will make her their top priority and a home that will train her to be more independent and friendly to other dogs. She deserves a home with kind parents who are forgiving and understand that she is an emotional dog with trust issues but a huge heart. Once she's comfortable in her new home, she will protect her family from strangers, give them endless kisses, snuggle up right next to them, and play with them in the backyard.

If you feel you can provide Annabella with the love and patience she requires, please apply to adopt this cutie!