Aria Rose in Florida- ADOPTED!

Aria Rose is kicking it back in her forever home! She has such an amazing family that includes her mom, dad and human sister. She also has a bird sister but doesn’t bother with her too much. She is being super spoiled by her family since she is the only dog in the house but will from time to time get to chill in the home with foster dogs. Her family loves helping out rescues whenever they can and have helped numerous foster dogs in rescues on their path to finding their forever homes. We are certain that Aria has made it to her perfect family and are absolutely thrilled!


Yay! Aria Rose is ready to find a home to make her own!


She came to FBV from a nice couple from Iceland. She was born and raised there and had traveled all the way to Florida with the family. Unfortunately, travel restrictions prevented her from returning to Iceland with them. She was lovingly surrendered to FBV for us to help find her an amazing new forever home.


Aria is 4 years old, very Velcro-like and a little lady at 20 pounds. She has had 3 mild seizures so far in life and these were before coming to FBV. Other than these seizures, she has no other health issues. She is tolerant of grooming and leash trained but does sometimes pull on the leash when out on walks. Speaking of walks, this gal loves her walks. She is not super energetic but does have at least a moderate amount of energy so activities to keep her busy are important. She also likes to run; therefore, a fenced yard is preferred.


She is housebroken but doesn’t tell her person when she needs to go. Therefore, keeping her on a schedule would be very helpful. She does not need someone home all day with her, but a lunchtime potty break would be best.


She is a little uncertain when meeting strangers and will bark at them but quickly warms up. She also will bark when crated (she does not like being crated and jumps gates if confined) and when you leave the house. Because of her barking, apartment life would not be best for Aria Rose.


She is good with other dogs but cautious when meeting new ones so slow introductions would be best. She also does well with children and dog savvy cats. However, she would not do well in a home with birds. She has been known to chase a chicken or two.  


Aria Rose absolutely loves her people…cuddling with them and being always by their side. She will even tap them with her paw when she wants their attention. She also loves car rides, doing morning Frenchie yoga, playing with stuffies, and chewing on Nylabones. She is an absolute sweetheart, showing no aggression or resource guarding while in foster care.