Arthur in Arizona- ADOPTED!!

Arthur is home! He has found an amazing forever family. He has a great new mom and dad as well as a human brother and doggie sister. His family has experience with brachycephalic breeds and are huge dog lovers. We are absolutely thrilled for Arthur and wish him and his family all the best!

Greeting and salutations! I’m Arthur. I’m a handsome fellow if I do say so myself. I am a big fellow though - tipping the scales at 43 pounds. Just look at me. I wear it well!


Let’s get some of the other things you might be wondering out of the way. I’ll tell you to the best of my ability.


I have some itchies. But I hear this is nothing new to anyone that knows about Frenchies. I take 16mg of Apoquel daily. When I’m a little itchier, I take it twice a day. No big deal, right!?


I get along with pretty much any human on the planet! I’m not sure how well I would do with the wee little tikes as I haven’t really been around them that much. It’s probably best, though, that I’m around older children that understand that I need boundaries. I am not too sure about cats (on many levels), so I am not sure what to tell you there.


I SNORE. If I get too loud, just nudge me, and I usually go back to being quiet. I sleep in bed with my foster humans. It’s awesome!


I am VERY possessive of food. You need to know this about me. My foster siblings and I all get along, but I will stare down the bowl of my foster sister until she is done. Because of my food aggression, I eat in my crate and am crated when my foster family eats. My foster peeps pick up all bowls and food before I’m allowed out of my crate.


That being said…if you already have fur babies, it is best if I’m with one(s) that are a little more laid back and submissive. If you don’t have fur babies, that’s cool too! More time for us to cuddle.


I’d prefer a fenced yard. These legs need stretching! If I need to go outside, I’ll paw at you or grumble a little. I’m not growling. Just grumbling. I also like quiet time in my crate. Many times, I just go and sleep there because my foster siblings are noisy sometimes.


I LOVE STUFFIES! I love to be chased when I have my stuffies! I’m not one much for balls or other nonsense. I like to chew on my antler my foster peeps gave me. Other than the mild shedding (who doesn’t shed?), I’m a pretty laid-back, easy-going guy.


As if what I have told you so far isn’t enough to convince you to add me to your pack, I’M HOUSEBROKEN!!!