Ash in Georgia- ADOPTED!!

Yippy!!! Ash is ready to find his forever home! He is a 3-year-old Velcro dog who came to FBV when his family became busy with other responsibilities and did not have enough time for him.


Ash is a pretty healthy guy. However, he has had two surgeries to fix his cherry eyes and is currently using BNP with dex for the swelling in his eyes post-surgery. He also is currently taking Gabapentin for a back sprain he sustained.


He HATES anything that has to do with grooming. When giving his medications or cleaning his face fold and paw pads, he has to be bribed with peanut butter. He is very serious about his food and treats and needs to be fed separately from other pets in the home. His foster family is working on his sharing of treats.


Ash gets along with small, female dogs, but is very aggressive with larger dogs and male dogs. He loves to play with dogs he likes, but his play can come off as aggressive to most dogs so he will require slow introductions to even small, female dogs and dog parks and doggie daycare should be avoided at all costs. He cannot be placed in a home with cats as he has demonstrated prey drive with them, and he also will not be placed in a home with young children. He has a lot of energy, plays rough, and is like a tank and will bulldoze his way through whatever is in front of him. His foster family has also been working on his jumping, which has improved, but with little ones or frail individuals could result in them falling and injuring themselves.


Ash loves his people and is the sweetest, most loving guy. He loves cuddles and belly rubs and just wants to be wherever his people are. He doesn’t like being left alone and does suffer from some separation anxiety. He can be destructive if left alone and while he is crate trained and will sleep in his crate, he does not like it. He really would do best with a family who works from home or is retired.


He has a lot of energy and will go until he can’t go anymore. He loves to go on walks twice a day (early morning and late evening), but he also NEEDS a fenced yard. He loves to play soccer in his foster family’s yard, as well as sunbathe and watch the squirrels and birds. He has improved with leash walking but still pulls and will require continued training in this area.


He is housebroken; however, he drinks a lot of water (since he is very active) and requires more frequent potty breaks than the average dog. He is a smart cookie, though, as he knows the following commands: sit, stay, down, fetch and come.


Ash is a curious, mischievous guy who beats to his own drum and has the most amazing personality! He will get so excited to see you that he will give little nippy kisses and he makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world which to him you are. The only thing that may possibly be more important to him than you is his soccer ball…which don’t even think about hiding from him…he will find it and bark until you get it for him. He also loves to travel and is an amazing car rider.


If you think you can keep up with this boy’s energy level and have what it takes to give him the most amazing home ever, please apply!