Bailey in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Bailey has been adopted by a wonderful couple! They are retired and have no other pets so Bailey will be very spoiled. She is going to get all the cuddles and love she wants. We couldn’t be happier for Bailey and her new family!


Bailey is a 9-year-old beauty who is in search of her forever home. She was originally a puppy mill momma and was adopted by a family. However, they decided to surrender her to FBV when they could no longer manage her digestive issues.

She has no ongoing health issues, but she must be kept away from most people food. She currently eats ground turkey and Honest Kitchen Base Mix greens. This, after much trial and error, has been the only combination of food that has not given her severe tummy troubles. She is also provided with an oil supplement for her coat. Both products can easily be purchased online and are not overly priced.

Bailey is not food aggressive, but she is food driven. She LOOOOOOOOVES food...then again who doesn't!! The only thing is her tummy cannot handle most people food, so no table scraps for this little lady, except animal cookies...who knew...these she can handle! Bailey is learning to wait her turn for treats and is doing very well with this. She is still fed on her own as she eats very quickly and then searches for more food.

Bailey is housebroken. When her foster mom is not home, she leaves puppy pads out for Bailey (and the resident dogs), and she uses them in an emergency. However, most of the time she goes outside to potty. She will tell you she is ready to come in from outside; she will kick her back legs out and bark. Even when her foster mom is outside WITH her and trying to get to the door, she will kick those little legs in a "tantrum."

Bailey would prefer a forever home with a fenced yard, but it is not required. She is leash trained, but crating is a problem...she hates to be crated. She knows the commands “stay” and “leave it.” She does not need someone to be home with her all day or to provide her with a midday visit, but she would surely love it.

Bailey currently lives with two Frenchie foster brothers and a cat foster sister. She's intrigued by the cat and will sit and watch her with a "What ARE you?" face. Bailey has never shown any aggression or ill will towards the cat. She adores her foster Frenchie brothers and loves learning from them on what a dog's life is truly about.

She is a silly little pup who responds to Bae faster than her full name. Growing up in a puppy mill she never learned what it was like to just be a dog. Within her foster house, she's learned all kinds of things and continues to learn new things daily. While on paper she's almost 10, Bailey's very puppy-like because of this learning stage.

Bae's learned what toys really are and how to play with them. She throws stuffies in the air just to watch them fall. Her foster mom throws a ball down the hall, and she'll watch it pass her not understanding why her foster brothers chase it. Bae loves "bed-hopping" from a cozy dog bed in the sun to a cozy dog bed under the A/C. When she feels you aren't giving her the attention she deserves, she ‘chops’ her little jaw and stares you down. She loves to be a sous chef in the kitchen or cuddled by your side watching TV. Bailey has learned what being a queen is like and loves every second of the pampering.

Bailey's favorite thing in the whole world is belly rubs. If her human could sit 24/7 and just pet her belly, she'd be in pure bliss. This little lady doesn't need much; she just wants her human to be near her and cuddle her...oh and treats - she loves treats! Bailey's muscle tone is lower due to living in a crate so she cannot jump onto furniture, but she puts her front paws onto the couch and will paw at you to pick her up. After watching her foster brothers rub their backs on the rug, Bailey has started doing this as well and will grunt in excitement to get any itchies.

Bailey would love a chill family who takes her to brunch on Sunday and lets her sit at the table while they dine; a family who will let her lounge in the house all day and then cuddle with her at night; and someone who is patient in teaching her new things and not expect her to understand everything at once. She deserves the best because she is a sweet girl that never got to have the best before in life. Everyone who meets Bailey falls in love with her big personality and her kind little heart.

Everything Bailey does makes her foster mom laugh and her heart melt. If you want a sweetheart who will melt your heart as well, apply for Bailey.