Bailey in Florida- ADOPTED!

Meet Bailey, a one-year-old beauty from Florida! Bailey has quite a zest for life. She’s a friendly Frenchie who adores people of all ages, and she’s got a heart as big as the Sunshine State itself.


She had suffered from diarrhea while in foster care. However, with medications and a diet change to Royal Canin Moderate Calorie (potato and white fish), her stools are now soft but formed. Other than this bout of diarrhea, she has been a healthy gal.


Not only does Bailey play well with her foster doggie siblings, but she’s also an expert at making new dog friends. Cats and birds, however, might just be a bit too fascinating for her high prey drive. Frogs and lizards? Well, she’s ready to give them a run for their money!


Bailey’s foster home can’t help but gush about her infectious happiness. A true bundle of energy, she’s always up for an adventure. Whether it’s tagging along for a car ride (she’s quite the window seat enthusiast) or curling up next to you after a day of play, Bailey’s affectionate nature is impossible to resist.


This little dynamo is also learning the ropes of being on her best behavior. Bailey might be young, but she’s quick to learn and eager to please. Leash training is a work in progress, but with some patience and guidance, she’s sure to master it. She is housebroken but in her foster home is taken out to potty every two hours. She is also crate trained but would prefer not to be given her first 8 months of life were spent in a crate.


Bailey’s ideal forever home is a place where she can keep her energy in check with plenty of playtime and walks. She’d be over the moon with a canine companion her age or with equal energy, and a fenced yard for lizard-chasing escapades would be the cherry on top!


An owner who works from home, possibly with older kids, would be the perfect match for Bailey. She’s got a gentle touch, so even younger children could be her pals with a little training. And speaking of pals, having another dog or two would make her very happy.


Bailey’s story of resilience and growth is a true inspiration. Despite her rough start, she’s blossomed into a confident and loving pup. Now, she’s ready to find a family that will cherish her, cuddle her, and embark on new chapters of adventure together.


Will you be the one to write the next chapter in Bailey’s life story? This remarkable Frenchie is waiting with open paws to bring joy, companionship, and lots of love into your world. Adopt Bailey and let the adventures begin!