Bay-Bay in Texas— ADOPTED!!!

Bay-Bay is home!!! She has been adopted by a wonderful couple. She is the only dog in the household and is already being very spoiled. Her new mom reports that she has been sleeping in bed with them and has been hiding her toys in various places around the house. She also loves spending time on her doggie bed and getting treats. We couldn’t be happier for Bay-Bay...her new family sounds amazing!

Bay-Bay is a sweet, 8-year-old (DOB 12/25/11) Frenchie who is looking for her furever home! She was surrendered to FBV because her previous family did not feel that they could give her the attention that she deserved. They also had just had a new baby, and Bay-Bay had skin allergies that they were having a difficult time controlling.

Bay-Bay's skin allergies will need to be constantly monitored and may get worse depending on the season. Her foster family changed her diet to Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult, and this has been good for her. At this time, her foster family gives her a bath with medicated shampoo once a week and cleans her face folds with medicated wipes as needed. In the future, she may need to be on an allergy medication such as Apoquel or get shots when her allergies flare up.

Bay-Bay is a very sweet and calm girl. She will bark at new people, but her tail will be wagging. She does well around kids and women and loves to give kisses. She is more hesitant around men; she will cower and put her head down until she feels comfortable. Bay-Bay has only been around the resident Frenchie, a 3-year-old female, while in foster care. The resident Frenchie is very hyper, loves to play, and is constantly in Bay-Bay's face trying to get her to play around with a toy or play-fighting. Bay-Bay is very tolerant of the resident Frenchie, but once she is done, she will let the resident Frenchie know it. They like to play tug-of-war with toys, but once Bay-Bay has the bone or toy all the way in her mouth, she wants it for herself. Bay-Bay can be very sneaky...if the resident Frenchie is chewing on a bone, she will lay down and act like she is not interested, but as soon as the resident Frenchie goes to get a drink of water, Bay-Bay will grab the bone for herself! Bay-Bay would do fine with other calm animals; if they leave her alone, she will leave them alone.

Bay-Bay loves to follow her foster family around the house. If anyone goes outside, she will either sit on the couch facing the door or sit by the door until they come back inside. Bay-Bay prefers to sit on the couch and cuddle with her human foster family or chew on a bone in peace. She loves to go for car rides and for walks around the neighborhood. When asked if she wants to go for a walk, she gets very excited and wags her whole body! Bay-Bay is a great companion on walks; she does well on a leash and does not stop to sniff around much.

She is super sweet and laid-back but has shown a little aggression toward the resident Frenchie when the resident Frenchie gets in her face while Bay-Bay is eating or chewing on a toy. Their food and water bowls are on opposite ends of the kitchen. They will drink water out of each other's bowls, but if food is left in either of the bowls, the foster family puts them up on the counter because both the pups can be territorial with their food bowls at times. Overall, Bay-Bay is very tolerant of the resident Frenchie. They like to play with each other, but Bay-Bay prefers to lounge around while the resident Frenchie constantly wants to play. Bay-Bay is very agile and quick. To get away from the resident Frenchie, Bay-Bay will jump to the back of the couch and walk along it like a cat.

Bay-Bay is housebroken and crate trained. She prefers an adoptive home with a fenced yard, but it is not required. She also does not require a stay-at-home family member or a midday potty break. Her foster family is working with her on the commands "sit" and "stay.” She does pretty well and enjoys getting a treat when she performs the commands.

Bay-Bay likes to chew on Nylabones (whatever bone the resident Frenchie has...she wants...and vice-versa). She also likes to chew on squeaky toys but will rip open toys with stuffing and make a mess. Bay-Bay's favorite things to do are snooze on the couch with her foster family or on her human foster sister's bed (her favorite place to sleep) and go on walks.

The ideal home for Bay-Bay would be with a family who has time to take her for walks each day and will have time to sit and cuddle with her. Bay-Bay always seems to be listening to what is going on in the house. When her foster family talks to her, she tilts her head almost horizontal to the ground. Bay-Bay is a sweet and loving girl. Her foster home is the third home she has had, so Bay-Bay deserves to be adopted by a family who will love her and dote on her for the rest of her life.