Beatrice in D.C.- ADOPTED!!

Beatrice has found a wonderful forever home! She has an amazing new mom, dad, two human sisters and one human brother. She also has two new Frenchie siblings. Beatrice is one lucky lady…you see her mom works in veterinary medicine and her family already has Frenchie experience. She will want for nothing with her new family and is already very loved and spoiled! We are so happy for Beatrice and her forever family.

Beatrice is a 4-year-old sweetheart who is looking for her forever family!! She is healthy, up to date on vaccines and has been spayed. She is currently an only dog in her foster home. However, she spent a few days with another foster home who has dogs while her foster mom was out of town. While in this home, it was determined that she was good with the chill Frenchie in the house and was tolerant of the not so chill one, but she was slightly concerned with the dogs that were bigger than her. She would run up and bark at them if they played too rambunctiously.


She also demonstrated some MILD resource guarding tendencies with these dogs - not from food/toys but from: 1.) Her crate. 95% of the time she was fine in the crate with other dogs near and walking by but 5% of the time if they got too close, she would growl- but that is it- just a growl, no lunging, etc. and 2.) Laps. She would allow the chill Frenchie to sit on her favorite person’s lap, but if any other dog tried, she would let out a small growl. With a gentle correction of “No ma’am,” she would stop but the other dogs in the house also did not challenge her.


With all this being said, she does not seem to have mean intent but more fear of situations. She is sensitive to loud noises and rapid movements and would do best with another calm, small dog in her forever home. She also would do fine as an only dog.


Beatrice has shown no resource guarding with humans and is a real mush around them! She is so, so sweet but can be a bit shy and is very laid back. Her foster mom is not exactly sure how she would be with children but suspects she would be fine with older, dog savvy kids.


Beatrice is also quite smart both in a trickster way and in a figuring-out-puzzles way. She loves just lying around chilling, but her true passion is food! Anything that involves food, she loves. She especially loves treat toys where she has to work at finding the treats.


She is crate trained and only partially housebroken. She knows that when she is outside, she is supposed to go potty, but still does not know how to let people know that she needs to get outside. She is getting better about waiting until she is outside to potty, but she still has the occasional accident in the house and would do best with a regular potty schedule. Beatrice would prefer a fenced yard at her forever home, but it is not required. A short jaunt around the neighborhood will do this gal just fine especially since she is still getting accustomed to a leash.


Beatrice would really prefer someone who is home all day with her but if this is not possible, then she must at least have someone who can provide her with a midday visit for pottying and lovins. She really loves human contact! It is probably best she find a forever home who will allow her on furniture as she loves to hang with her people on the sofa cuddling up in their laps.


She definitely still has some puppy energy in her and has the most epic zoomies. Beatrice is also curious and can be a bit mischievous. She is a quick learner and has all the ingredients to make a wonderful pet. With her sweetness and calm disposition, she would easily fit right in with a low-key family. She really deserves a great, loving home. You can see in her eyes that all she truly wants is to love and be loved!