Bebe in Tennessee– ADOPTED!!

Bebe has been adopted by a wonderful forever family! She has a few kitty siblings and a doggie sibling to hang with and love. She also has a wonderful new mom and dad! Her forever parents are completely thrilled that Bebe was chosen to join their family. Congratulations Bebe on finding your fur-ever!

Bebe is around 5 years old and is a sweetheart! She was a breeder dog who was rehomed. Her next owner kept her for a few years and then for reasons unknown gave her back to the breeder who turned her over to a shelter. This is how she came into the care of FBV.


Bebe suffers from allergies. She has done very well on Apoquel and will need this medicine for the rest of her life. When not on the medication, she is miserably itchy. Given the medicine regularly, she is a much happier, less itchy dog but does still scratch occasionally. She also has an inverted tail. It lays under a skin flap on her rear. This is a real source of itchiness and needs to be cleaned regularly. Additionally, while fine now, she shows signs of having weak ankles and knees. This may become problematic as she ages and should be monitored during normal vet visits. To prevent any injuries, she needs to be kept from jumping up on and down from furniture.


Bebe has a dominant, but not overtly aggressive, personality. She has shown no food aggression while in foster care. However, she has snapped a few times at both the resident dog, Lucy, and one of the resident cats. This has happened when they try to get between her and either her foster mom or dad. She's possessive over her people but her foster home has been very quick in dealing with this. They immediately remove her from the room for a timeout and positively reward her when she behaves appropriately. This has worked well. She's very responsive to feedback - hates being scolded and/or ignored and loves, loves treats. She's VERY food motivated!


She is partially housebroken. She knows she's supposed to potty outside and does so happily when taken out. However, she has no problem peeing in the house if made to wait. She's made a ton of progress and our hope is she continues to do so. Because she consistently pees in the house if left alone for more than 6 or so hours, she will require someone who stays home during the day or who can at least have a dog walker come let her out midday. She is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. She is also leash trained and knows the commands “sit” and “stay.”


She currently resides with a 55 lb Pitbull, Lucy, and three cats. Overall, she is great with them. Bebe is a real clown. She has bursts of energy but is typically very happy lounging on the couch with her people. Serious exercise isn't required and while she prefers an adoptive home with a fenced yard, it is not required. She'll romp around for a few minutes, chill out quickly, and then is ready to go back inside for a nap.


Her favorite thing to do is cuddle. She's a very needy dog - loves, loves, loves her people and wants to be next to them all the time. She likes chewing on toys and bones but doesn't show interest in them every day. She does really enjoy the daily Greenie she gets for her teeth, though. She gets SO EXCITED! At bedtime, she sleeps with her foster mom and dad. She gets up in the bed and is so happy to snuggle. She falls right into them...kisses and snorts and circles until she finds her perfect spot right between them...then snores away. She's such a funny little monkey!


Bebe has had a tumultuous life - used as a breeder, sent to live with a family, returned to the breeder, sent to a shelter, placed in a temporary foster home where she was separated from the other dog, and then finally surrendered to French Bulldog Village. At first, Bebe seemed very unsure of her place in her foster home’s pack. Over the last few months, she's become much more secure and at home. With them, she has a routine and structure. She's become calm and happy. Her foster home wants her to have that security forever. It's important to them that she spend her life with people that understand her insecurities and who are willing to be patient and kind, firm when she gets possessive, and capable of dealing with any issues that arise rather than giving up on her when things get difficult.