Bella in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Bella is home and being loved and cared for by an awesome new mom and dad! They are completely in love with her already. She is an only dog, so she is getting all their attention which she is not at all complaining about. 🙂 Her mom and dad have plenty of Frenchie experience, so we know she is in good hands. We are absolutely thrilled for Bella and her forever family!


Bella is ready to find her forever family! She is a 3.5-year-old beautiful girl who is currently residing in Florida with her wonderful foster mom! She was surrendered by her family when they had a change in their living situation and were only allowed to keep one of their two dogs. They kept their senior dog knowing FBV would find an amazing forever home for Bella.


Bella is a healthy and lean, leggy gal! She came into rescue on the skinny side and in need of a round of antibiotics for a UTI (urinary tract infection) that that has since cleared up. She has gained some weight with a change in food. She currently eats Natural Balance Lamb and Rice (3 small meals daily) and loves it!


When first coming to her foster home, Bella would bark at every noise she heard and would need potty breaks a couple times during the night. Now she sleeps till woken up, usually 11 PM to 7:30 AM. Having an open crate that is covered for Bella to go into when no one is home works well for her. The few times she has been left alone for greater than 4 hours confined in a bedroom in her foster home, she did pee on the bed but also was found to have used a pee pad on the floor. Bella continues to be only partially housebroken. She has started to go to the door when she has to go potty but sometimes still is having about 3 accidents a week. Her forever home will need to be patient with her as she continues to learn to potty outside.


Bella will need a home with NO other pets. We were told she had some issues with the other dog in her former home and despite slow introductions with her foster siblings, has yet to get along with them. She will attack the resident female hound who is very submissive and is kept completely separated from her. There are no identifiable triggers for the attacks…no food, toys, etc. Bella also will not be placed into a home with young children. She plays rough and sometimes follows people’s hands instead of toys when playing. Her foster home has been working on this, but her new home will continue to need to give her corrections to improve this behavior.


Bella tends to jump up on people and is learning "down.” She will jump off high surfaces as well and will need supervision to deter this so that she does not hurt herself. Her foster home is also working on her slowly taking treats from people’s hands and to "sit" for her supper which makes her grumble impatiently, so while she is smart, she can be a tad bossy.


Bella is very energetic and lovable. She loves to explore the yard and chase birds and squirrels as well as find just the right spot to do her business (so a fenced yard is preferred). She also loves to go on long walks and car rides and enjoys a good belly rub. She will play with her toys (tough ones as this gal will de-squeak toys of lesser quality) and chew bones while her human is busy and then will go into her covered crate to take a snooze.


She loves a good adventure and while out on walks on a long leash will jump into every open car to try to go on one. She is such a sweet girl who loves to check out people’s faces, especially their mouths, just to give them a good sniff! Bella deserves an amazing home where she will not be at odds with other pets. She will love being the only pet and getting all the attention to herself. She will bring so much fun, love, and laughter to your life!