Bella in Florida– ADOPTED!

Bella has found her forever with a wonderful new family! She has an amazing new mom and dad as well as a Frenchie sister. Bella is going to be one loved and spoiled girl. Her forever family takes their pups on lots of trips with them so Bella will get to see many different places. We are absolutely thrilled for Bella to have found such an awesome home! Congratulations, sweet girl; you won the jackpot!

Bella is a 4-year-old beautiful gal who was a breeder surrender. She currently lives with other dogs and cats. She likes to chase the cats in her foster home but does not hurt them. She is good with the other dogs but can be a bully to them if they are getting attention and she isn’t. Small animals, such as rats, are definitely a no-go as she tries to eat and play rough with them.


Bella is prone to ear infections and allergies. She hates to be crated but is leash trained. She is partially housebroken and will go outside to potty but has accidents in the house because she doesn’t know how to let her person when she needs outside. She now knows the command to sit and is working on learning stay as well.


She is loving and playful but not hyper. She is a nice combination of active and calm. She is a follower, craving and seeking out attention. If someone is petting another dog, she can be a bully for the attention and will push her way between the other dog to get it.


She would prefer a fenced yard, but it is not required. Her ideal home would be with somebody who is home a lot and who has a decent amount of time to play with her. She also would love a doggie friend who is not dominant.


Bella likes squeaky toys, stuffies, and Nylabones but didn’t know what a toy was when she first came into rescue. She gets excited when she wants to go to bed and runs in circles and wiggles her butt. She is learning how to be a dog and while she loves people, she still gets scared and cowers sometimes when someone comes towards her. She will need someone who she can trust and who will love her unconditionally.


If Bella sounds like she could be your new bestie, please submit an application!!