Bella in New Jersey- ADOPTED!!

Bella is home! She has two amazing new moms and two human brothers. Her family has experience with Frenchies and rescue dogs, so Bella is in great hands. She is also an only dog and is super excited that she will be getting all the attention to herself. Her one mama also works from home most of the time and the other times, Bella will get to go to the office with her…how fun!! We are so thrilled for Bella and her new family!

Beautiful Bella is available! It’s true! This beautiful, pied fur baby is all set to find her furever home. We will let her tell you more about herself.


Hi from New Jersey. I came into the rescue because my family lovingly surrendered me when they had to relocate. So, no fault of my own. I am a pretty laid back, 4-year-old gal. I’m not sure how I’d react around little kiddos, but I know for a fact I like the bigger ones. Sometimes I like to jump, and I don’t want to scare anyone, especially little kids.


I like men but sometimes I get shy and pee when they give me attention. What can I say? I’m a little shy.


What I DON’T like??? CATS! Yuck. Gross. Hard pass. They don’t like to play or be chased by me. What is that about? Rude.


Other dogs? Hmmm….that is a tricky question. I don’t live with any in my foster home, but I may be okay with larger dogs who won’t get upset with me jumping all over them. I am pretty excitable, and I love to play.


I also like to chew on my toys. I love a good nap (who doesn’t??). And I like to sniff out feces when outside. I have been known to eat a bit of deer poop while on a walk. So, you will need to be aware of what it is I am sniffing. For this reason, a fenced yard may be best too.


I’m housebroken, so that makes things easy. I’m also crate trained (but I’m sure I could adjust if you wanted to let me sleep with you, hint, hint). It’s kinda nice to hang out in a quiet place. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be alone all day. I want to snuggle. I want to be around people.


I eat only ROYAL CANIN URINARY SO because of a little sludge in my bladder. My vet says I need to be on this diet for at least 6 months. I also will need to be monitored for possible future urinary tract infections and bladder stones. I have been doing great since I’ve been on this diet. My foster mom adds a little pumpkin or about 1/8th tsp of ground psyllium to help me go poo.


I’d love to be part of your family. I am awesome. I am sweet. I can be silly. Most of all, I am up for all the love and snuggles!