Benny in Maryland

Benny has begun a new adventure beyond our Village. Due to Benny’s unpredictable behavior and bite history while he has been with us, he will be moving to a new rescue that specializes in dogs with behavior issues. We’ve traveled a long and hopeful road with Benny. In our care, Benny has worked with a professional trainer and a behavioral veterinarian. His very loving and hopeful foster family diligently worked with him for many months to help him feel comfortable, safe, and loved. Unfortunately, Benny’s behavior remained unpredictable and he continued biting without warning or specific triggers. We are very sad to be parting with Benny, but we know this is the best thing for his long term care and we hope to see him thrive in a new environment where his behavior can be better understood. We wish that we could do more for him within our rescue, but we are also excited for his new adventure. Feel free to follow his journey with his new rescue, Speranza Animal Rescue. Benny’s FBV foster mom says that he deserves to be loved for the rest of his life as much as she loves him now. We are all sad to say farewell, but we know he will be going to the best place for his development. Please help us wish Benny good luck on his new path!

Benny came into FBV with Lilly when their owner could no longer provide the care they needed. Despite being housemates, they were not a bonded pair. Benny is around 2-3 years old and weighs 32.5 lbs.

He has been to the vet to have bloodwork performed and to have his nails trimmed. A stool test performed found hookworms and de-worming medications were prescribed. He is otherwise healthy but does have slightly narrowed nares. He also had some of his vaccinations performed.

On Halloween, Benny greeted all the little children gently with no signs of fear or aggression. He has interacted gently with all the resident cats but would do best in a home without cats. He also plays with the two resident dogs but does frequently try to mount the female (spayed) Frenchie.

He is a crazy-sweet guy, but a handful! His foster mom uses a gate to keep him in the living room with her, as he keeps getting into mischief when she does not have eyes on him. He is completely house-trained.

Benny still needs to be neutered and to be caught up on all his vaccines. Please keep watching to see when this handsome guy goes available for adoption!