Bishop in Florida— ADOPTED!

Sadly, Bishop started to bleed badly after two of the stitches from his penis repair ripped away from the penile tissue. The vet felt as though he should be kept in the care of FBV indefinitely but instead of making him a hospice pup, his foster mom decided to adopt him and make him an official member of the family. Please congratulate Bishop and his family on finding their forever! We couldn’t be happier for the little fella for landing in such an amazing home!

Bishop is around 8 years old and came to FBV from a shelter when he was surrendered after his owner passed away. Bishop arrived with impacted anal glands, dirty ears and a dirty coat. All these issues have been addressed and now he looks and smells much better. Bishop also has a slab tooth fracture, a growth on his chest and stenotic nares (which are limiting his breathing). He will be going in for surgery while in our care to have these problems corrected. Bishop had bloodwork and a urinalysis completed which came back normal. He currently has kennel cough, and his penis will require a biopsy.


Bishop is a little nugget…he loves to follow his humans. He gets along with all dogs, cats and children. He is a low energy kind of guy and walks well on a leash. Currently, with his restricted breathing, he overheats quickly and needs to be closely monitored. Bishop is also not completely housebroken so his foster family will be working with him on this.