Blondie in California- ADOPTED!

Blondie has been adopted!


Blondie came into the rescue In April. She’s been in FBV’s care for 7 months! She’s had major skin issues, ear infections, and chronic pneumonia.


She has been in and out of the vet’s office around 17 times. She’s had many x-rays and has gone through a lot. Blondie is a dog that is going to need constant care for her chronic issues throughout her life. The medical expenses will just be part of who Blondie is and what she needs to live a happy and healthy life.


We are truly blessed here at French Bulldog Village. Our fosters are amazing people.


Blondie’s foster has been through it all with her. She asked us if she could adopt Blondie and take on the medical care for her compounded issues.


With all of Blondie’s ongoing issues, we were not sure when she would make it to the available page. We have been rooting for her every step of the way.


Her biggest cheerleader, her foster mom, is now her forever mom. Thank you for loving Blondie and seeing past the imperfections and her health issues. Blondie is home for the holidays!

Time to welcome Blondie to FBV!


Blondie was surrendered to FBV by a good Samaritan who saw she needed help and took possession of her. Blondie was seen by our veterinary team and has a laundry list of issues that we are working on. This poor girl has mange and infected skin, and both of her ears are very infected. She is on medication for all of her ailments. She has re-checks for her infections within the next month and then we will move on to getting her vaccinated and spayed. The good news is that she's heartworm negative!


She is guessed to be around one year old and weighs 24lbs. She has been around cats and did well and seems to be very interested in other dogs (in a good way). She LOVES snuggles and fetch! Her foster mom is working on house training and basic commands and will help her with her leash training once she’s feeling better!


As you can imagine, her vet bill this week was pretty pricey with skin scrapes, ear cytology, wipes, shampoos, antibiotics and medication for her mange.