Blossom in New Jersey

Blossom is not yet ready for adoption. We are still evaluating her personality and addressing her medical needs. An email notification will be sent when she becomes ready for adoption. If you wish to receive the notification, please sign up for our mailing list at the top of the front page of our website. Adoption fees are set at the time a dog goes available and applications can only be submitted at that time. Please follow our website and social media pages for updates on Blossom!

Meet Blossom! She is a beautiful 3-year-old, 23 lb sweet girl. She is currently residing in NJ and is adjusting well in her foster home.


Blossom recently weaned puppies so needs a little TLC so that she can look and feel her best. She has been to the vet. All bloodwork came back good, but her feces tested positive for Giardia (asymptomatic). She was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas and received a Cytopoint injection. Hopefully between the shot and medicated baths, her skin will improve within a few weeks. She was also scheduled for her spay in the next coming weeks.


She is a little timid but takes comfort in pets, rubs and cuddles. She has been getting on swimmingly with the resident dogs and likes playing with them but can sometimes be assertive in her play. She is working on becoming better friends with the cat. She is generally a quiet gal, but upon first meeting the resident cat, Blossom barked quite a bit. She eats well and has taken a liking to chewing on Nylabones. She also LOVES couches and absolutely prefers her naps to be on a sofa!


Blossom still struggles with leash walking (though, it is improving) and housebreaking. She is great with pee pads but not as good about going potty outside. She is learning new things every day and doing so well, so with time, we are hopeful she will improve in these areas. Stay tuned for when this precious girl is looking for her forever family!

We greatly appreciate any and all donations! $500 will help us provide Blossom with some basic essentials, such as a leash and food, as well as help us cover some of her vet bills.

You can also Venmo us @FrenchBulldogVillage or text "DONATEFBV" to 44321 to donate through our secure link!