Bo in Pennsylvania- ADOPTED!

Bo wanted us to make sure we get word out that he is ready to find his forever home!


This sweet 2.5-year-old big boy loves affection and is an absolute Velcro dog. He will follow his person from room to room and loves being the center of attention (he will even push other dogs and children out of his way to get all the attention). He likes cuddling with his humans, playing fetch, chewing on Nylabones, and playing with toys (balls and stuffed toys).


He is good with the female resident dog, enjoying playtime and cuddling with her. However, he has shown some reactivity to hearing and seeing dogs outside of the home. He would like a forever home with another dog, but slow introductions will be a must due to the possibility of him being dog selective. He also has resource guarding with stuffed toys and needs to be fed separately from other dogs as he will push them out of the way to eat their food.


Bo would not do well in a home with cats or other small animals as he has exhibited prey drive when seeing or hearing cats, squirrels, etc. while out on walks. He loves meeting new people but is an eager greeter and will jump and nip, as well as sometimes pee out of excitement. As far as kids, he would do best in a home with older (~13+), dog savvy children due to how large of a boy he is and the fact that he does jump up and nip some. There is a strong possibility of him knocking over small children or stealing food from them.


Bo currently is overweight and working on trimming his waistline. He also suffers from slight regurgitation that is controlled with the use of an elevated food bowl, feeding him 3 small meals a day, and keeping him calm for about 30 minutes after eating. He has some skin allergies that cause him to lick his paws and has had prior ear infections. His foster mom uses CeraSoothe antiseptic ear cleaner (every 3-4 days at the recommendation of the vet) and shampoo as well as Douxo wipes to help control his skin allergies. He had been on Apoquel in the past too and eats a prescription diet of Royal Canin Ultamino dry food.


He does not like having his ears cleaned or baths (both are 2 person jobs with Bo) but tolerates brief face cleanings and sometimes his paws being wiped. He also will allow you to brush him after slowly introducing the task but will nip if you move too fast for him. Bo is only partially housebroken. He requires frequent potty breaks (every 3 or so hours). He does not indicate when he needs to go out so consistency will be key.


Bo will need a forever home with a fenced yard and would not do well living in an apartment or condo (he is a big boy who likes to run and bark; as stated above, he also has prey drive and reactivity with some other dogs on walks). He likes to eat poop so monitoring will be required as well as quick cleanup of waste in the yard. Despite needing a fenced yard, this boy still loves his daily walks (currently he tolerates 3 short walks a day temperature and weather permitting). However, he does still pull some on the leash so will require continued training.


Bo will need someone who is home more often than not due to his need for frequent potty breaks and him not loving being alone. He does not like being crated. He will bite at the crate to get out, so it is best that he is confined to a small area using a pen or gates (preferably with other dogs around to keep him company). He will get into mischief if bored so he must be carefully watched and confined when home alone. Bo also is not a fan of car rides…they make him anxious, but he is okay for short rides like to the vet.


Bo is quite the character. This big goofy guy snores loudly, loves carrying his stuffed goose around, and will pick up sticks on walks. He would love a quiet home where he is showered with love and attention. His new home will need to be patient with him as he still requires some help with some of his manners…but this boy will make you one lucky family! He is absolutely amazing!