Bobo in Florida- ADOPTED!

Do you know what cures the winter blues? I do! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bobo. I’m a 4-year-old ray of sunshine! I am a big boy, though. I weigh 32 pounds. Did I mention this ray of sunshine likes snacks?


I love to chase tennis balls and run outside, too. It’s best that I have a yard that is fenced in because I get the zoomies! My foster momma says it’s also probably best that I have someone that can let me out during the day. She works from home so that works well for me! I’ve been seeing a doctor about my need to pee so often. Being able to go out often has really helped me avoid any accidents! Yay for me! (Yay for foster momma’s floors!).


She also thinks I would be OK as an only dog but having a fur sibling to run and play with would be just what the weatherman ordered! She’s not sure about cats, as we don’t have any of those critters living here.


I like to cuddle. I like kiddos (8+ would be best since I can be a bit hyper at times). I like men and women. If you have kiddos, I may need to be reminded that their toys are not mine. I didn’t have a lot growing up so when I get something I like, I will protect it. Foster momma feeds me in my crate just in case someone tries to take my food.


I like going to restaurants (praying something falls to the ground). I do an OK job at sitting on the ground but every once in a while, I try to see what all the fuss is about on the table and jump up to the seat. I like to say “hello” and bark at other dogs for a second and then I am well behaved. Getting to the restaurants means car rides! YIPEEEEE!!! I like to be in your lap or my crate and do best having a bone or something to occupy me.


Things I am not so great at (just yet) is walking on a leash. I am a big boy and forget that I shouldn’t pull on the leash. Foster momma says my name and then I remember that she likes it better when I don’t pull.


If you think I could “spring” into your home as a good fit, apply!